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By splitting the search interface into two versions (simple search and advanced search)... You will have created a good example of a successful multi-layered interface. Novice users will be confused. It will eliminate the need to use the OAI model when designing the interface. Flag this Question Question 24 pts Which of the following evaluation methods involves participants that are chosen to represent the intended user communities and then perform tasks with the interface? Usability testing Expert reviews Surveys Flag this Question Question 34 pts After task analysis has been completed, the designer must choose an interaction style for the interface. Which of the following is the interaction style when a designer creates a visual representation of the world of actions? Natural language Command language Direct manipulation Menu selection Form fill-in Flag this Question Question 44 pts Due to the fact that users seem to prefer trial and error to learning from lengthy manuals, which of the following is an appropriate conclusion to draw? Place an anthropomorphic character in the corner of the screen who offers to assist you whenever it thinks you are in need of help. Design minimal manuals that encourage active involvement with hands-on experiences. Provide no manual and allow the user to learn solely through exploration. Flag this Question Question 54 pts One of the eight golden rules of interface design suggests that providing feedback for every user action is too distracting for the user. True False Flag this Question Question 64 pts System preferences for Universal Access features are still not easily selectable in either the Max OS X or Windows Vista products requiring installation of special tools when the product is first purchased for the physically challenged user. True False Flag this Question Question 74 pts By emphasizing recognition over recall with the use of structured menus, consistent terminology, and high interface apparency, which of the following user groups will benefit most? Novice users Expert users Intermediate users Flag this Question Question 84 pts If a physical process is controlled from a remote location, it is referred to as teleoperation. What is a primary difference between traditional direct manipulation interfaces and teleoperation? Reversible actions are not needed in traditional direct manipulation interfaces since the actions are local and therefore mistakes are less likely to occur. Remote controlled processes may have slower response, incomplete feedback or more likelihood to breakdown. Teleoperation involves physical actions and presses of labeled buttons, whereas direct manipulation involves complex syntax. Flag this Question Question 94 pts After a system's release, evaluation during active use is necessary to provide interface refinements to support even higher levels of service. Of the following evaluation methods, which one offers the most direct way to determine which errors occur most often in a system interface? Discussion and news groups. Interviews and focus-group discussions. Continuous user-performance data logging. Online or telephone consultants. Flag this Question Question 104 pts By providing visibility of the objects and actions of interest, allowing reversibility of commands, and replacing typed commands with pointing actions, users generally react positively and enthusiastic about the interface. True False Flag this Question Question 114 pts Designing interfaces to help meet the needs of disabled users will inevitably hurt normal user's productivity. True False Flag this Question Question 124 pts In order to process information and problem solve, what do people use in conjunction with short-term memory? Working memory. Long-term memory. Motor functions. Cognitive model. Flag this Question Question 134 pts Subjectively satisfying the user is an important usability measure for determining the effectiveness of an interface. True False Flag this Question Question 144 pts By decomposing users actions into small measurable steps, the GOMS model and keystroke-level model describe how users carry out a particular action. These models were able to... Predict novice behavior by taking into account how many errors they make. Predicts all types of user behavior, regardless of skill. Predict expert behavior by assuming error-free performance. Flag this Question Question 154 pts When projects are not well defined, designers can find it useful to develop scenarios based on what happens when the user performs typical tasks in a workday. By writing these scenarios of usage, it provides an easy way to describe a system to even non- technical people involved in the project. True False Flag this Question Question 164 pts Can small-group collaborative-learning experiences among students be positive? No, the students will socialize or be uncooperative. Yes, pairs often learn better than individuals. Flag this Question Question 174 pts Sara works for a large corporation and spends a great deal of her workday at a computer terminal. Occasionally, she'll perform a series of actions and receive a confusing error message on the screen which will impede her work and not allow her to proceed. At this point, Sara should: Blame her company for not training her well enough to use the software. Complain to the designer who did not provide a more convenient mechanism for completing her task. Feel guilty for not remembering the correct complex series of actions. Flag this Question Question 184 pts By presenting users with complex procedures, cluttered displays, inadequate and inconsistent functionality, and incomplete feedback, which of the following can occur among the users? Debilitating stress and anxiety that can lead to poor performance. Job dissatisfaction. All of the above. Frequent minor and occasional serious errors. Flag this Question Question 194 pts Universal usability deals with accommodating diverse users by... "Dumbing down" interfaces. Building separate software to sell to each class of users. Least common denominator design so everyone can use the same simplified interface. Innovative design that allow user controlled flexibility. Flag this Question Question 204 pts Is the following model of user think time realistic: User initiates an action, waits for the computer to responds, watches while the results appear, thinks for a while, and then initiates an action. Yes, this model is an accurate representation. No, this model is unrealistic. Flag this Question Question 214 pts Search interfaces in multimedia-document libraries are a greater challenge than in textual-document searches True False Flag this Question Question 224 pts As the cognitive complexity of a task increases, a short-response time will cause error rates to increase as well. True False Flag this Question Question 234 pts Which of the following is NOT one of the four pillars of successful user-interface development? Development methods Expert Reviews & Usability Testing User-interface Software Tools User-interface Requirements Guidelines Documents & Process Flag this Question Question 244 pts One goal in requirements analysis is to ensure proper reliability. However, which of the following is not a responsibility of the human interface designer? The software architecture, hardware components, and network support must ensure high availability. Displayed data must reflect the database contents. All of the above are responsibilities of the designer. Ensure privacy, security and data integrity. Actions must function correctly. Flag this Question Question 254 pts Suppose you are developing a new word processor that boasts more features than any of its competition. What would be the best way for intermittent users to remember all of the commands? Provide visual cues, icons, menus and dialog boxes. Provide detailed on-line help documentation, so the user can look up commands. Allow user to specify commands in their natural language. Flag this Question Question 264 pts In the absence of empirical data, human-interface guidelines are usually based on: Best-guess judgments from experienced professionals Statistical analyses of user logs User preferences from surveys Flag this Question Question 274 pts In textual databases, which proves to be more accurate? Searches on phrases. Searches on words. Flag this Question Question 284 pts There is a significant diversity among humans with regard to physical abilities, backgrounds, cultures and age. However, by simply designing an interface for the average, generic human, people of various types will be able to conform to the design without toil. True False Flag this Question Question 294 pts Check the item below that is NOT an advanced filtering and seach interfaces technique. Filtering with complex Boolean queries Automatic filtering Dynamic Queries Search by rule Flag this Question Question 304 pts When using experts for an expert review, it is important that the expert selected have little knowledge of the project and no meaningful relationship with the organization. True False Flag this Question Question 314 pts What is the difference between user-interface designers and traditional ethnographers? User-interface designers often need to immerse themselves in cultures for weeks or months, whereas traditional ethnographers typically limit the process to a shorter period of time. User-interface designers do not have to understand their subjects, where traditional ethnographers do. User-interface designers focus on interfaces for the purpose of changing and improving them, whereas traditional ethnographers are just interested in understanding their subjects. Flag this Question Question 324 pts Eric runs an on-line gourmet foods business store on the World Wide Web. In order to better serve his customers, he wishes to ensure his interface meets his user's needs. However, he is a small business and his testing budget is modest. Which of the following testing methods would be most appropriate? Hire a web interface expert to examine the new interface. Place a web-based survey on the website to identify the problems users are having. Set up a usability lab and invite participants to try out the new website. Flag this Question Question 334 pts A well-designed user-interface, even for complex and diverse interactive applications, will eliminate the need for supplemental help materials. True False Flag this Question Question 344 pts As the volume and diversity of information grows, exploring information collections becomes: Not noticeably more difficult or easier. Easier. More Difficult. Flag this Question Question 354 pts By writing a statement of plausible impacts by an interactive system, it will only elevate fears or force developers to make unreasonable compromises. It is best to record these impacts and only reveal them at the end of the development process, at which point they can be fixed. True False

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