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Meeting minutes Date time Attendance Wednesday 4/5/2017 5:00-8:15Pm All Present Old business • Achievement • • • • Make wind turbine blades Attach gears Test the wind turbine Test deferent pulley system New business • • • Meet professor Yu Gu Modify gears system Test heavier weight Meeting minutes Date time Attendance Tuesday 4/11/2017 Old business • • • made wind turbine blades Test the wind turbine Test deferent pulley system Achievements • • Test the wind turbine Prepare the new parts for the new design New business • • Attach the parts Test the wind turbine 5:00-6:30Pm Mohammad Edrees Hunter Alexander Bhargav Karnam
Mohammad Edrees Engl 101-432 Melanie Moroz April 12, 2017 Genetic Engineering According to a research, genetic engineering is the study that gives an organism a specific characteristic by modifying their genes (Gaëtan and Baret). For example, taking the gene that produces vitamin A and insert it into the rice that gives gold rice, and many other Genetic modified foods. Also, there are other uses of genetic engineering, such as medicine, and biological weapons. People who are against genetic engineering think that genetic engineering harms the humans and nature. Other people who support genetic modified food that genetic engineering helps produce more food with more nutrition. I believe that genetic engineering should be restricted because it is changing the rules of nature, and can harm humans. Genetic Modified Plant’s Behavior GMOs are disrupting the rules of nature by killing beneficial insect without control. Genetic modified crops are improved to kill bugs and insects that tries to eat it. The genetic modified corps produce some kind of poison called “Tb toxin” that kills the insects (Environmental Risks). However, this might disrupt the nature because these insects help plants reproduce and provide plants with nutrition. It is true that some farmers use chemical pesticides, but if the crops grow outside the farm, they won’t be harmed by the pesticide. When the genetic modified crops grow outside the field, they will still harm the insects because it is in their gene. Also, the genetic modified crop could spread their gene to the organic crops making them to have the same bad gene that kills pest. Not all of the insects and germs are harmful; for example, bees cannot harm people or plants, in fact the help the plants reproduce and they also produce honey for people. Worms that makes the soil better for planting and many others. There are many solutions for the eliminating the pests in a natural way. One way is to have an animal that preys on insects such as birds, but they might not be efficient eliminating the insects. Also, the animals may cause some corps damage. Another method is to make your own natural pesticide, and to make the natural pesticide you have to know your plants first and the pests that are damaging the plants. One of the natural pesticide is to mix canola oil and Ivory soap into and water and then spray it onto the plants to eliminate soft-bodied insects like worms (Eartheasy). Insects helps keep the balance of nature because they help give the plants good nutrition, and there are some other animals that prey on them as their main source of food. Without the insects, some animals that depends on insects my not survive and disrupt the balance of nature. Biological Weapons Some diseases can be cured or our bodies have immunity to it, but these diseases that are genetic modified are hard to cure and they are new to our body. Biological weapons have been around long time ago, people would a host of a deadly disease into the enemy camp, using animals or a human that can infect the people. However, these diseases have been recently modified for the purpose of weapon use. Even the way they are delivering it is different. According to Kang, “Biotechnology may be used to manipulate cellular mechanisms to cause disease. For example, an agent could be designed to induce cells to multiply uncontrollably, as in cancer, or to initiate apoptosis, programmed cell death.” Once these experiments get outside of the lap, they are out of control. Therefore, genetic engineering help produce more biological weapons that harms people. On the other hand, some people think that genetic engineering is helpful because it can produce more food and cure people. Food Production Genetic engineering supporters claim that the GMOs (Genetic Modified Organs) is the solution for world hunger. This is not true, because the amount of the food is not the problem, the way it is distributed is the problem. For example, fruits and veggies grows more in the tropical areas than dessert areas. Therefore, making more food cannot solve anything. Additionally, some companies are producing seedless food so they can sell more seeds but the farmers cannot produce more. Another thing is that they believe that GMOs provide more nutrition than the organic food. That might be true, but because the genes are mixed with other organs GMOs can cause allergy to some people. For example, if someone has an allergy to peanut and the fruit he ate had some peanut genes, he might get allergy. Medicine Genetic engineering supporters say that genetic engineering help cure people and produce medicine. This is an interesting point because I agree with it. Diabetes is one of the common diseases that makes the body produce less insulin which is a hormone that dissolve carbohydrates so the body can use it. Genetic engineering figured out a way to solve the lack of insulin in diabetes patients’ body by inserting the gene that produce the insulin into a germ. They insert it into a germ because the germs reproduce quickly and each new germ has the same new gene producing more insulin. There are even more other ways to cure diseases that are genetic by fixing these genes, but this process might take a long time or might not work at all. Personal stake I think that the genetic modified food production should stop or limited because of the side effect that is harming the nature which we all share and effect our bodies slowly. However, I support the idea of curing diseases using genetic engineering because there are a lot of people that are suffering from diseases that do not have any cure, and I personally know people that have diabetes who are using insulin produced by genetic engineering. Conclusion In conclusion, I think that genetic engineering should be limited because it harms the nature and people. Genetic modified corps kills the pest causing a disorder to the balance of nature, and because it is getting out of control and growing in the wild, they are even killing the beneficial wild insects. Also, genetic engineering is applied in the biological weapons to make the new disease even more complicated and hard to cure. The people who support genetic engineering think that it helps produce more food to solve world hunger, but the problem is geographic not in the amount of food, so producing more food will not solve anything. They also believe that genetic engineering can help cure diseases. I am with this point because it helps cure disease that do not have cure. At last, genetic engineering could be useful if it was used carefully and wisely and testing the project before applying it several times because there might be some side effects that are hard to observe. Work cited "Eartheasy." Natural Garden Pest Control: Safe, Non-Toxic Methods & Solutions | N.p., 2014. Web. 13 Apr. 2017. "Environmental Risks." Institute for Responsible Technology. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Apr. 2017. KANG, KEVIN. "Genetically Engineered Bioweapons: A New Breed of Weapons for Modern Warfare." DUJS Online. N.p., 11 Mar. 2013. Web. 13 Apr. 2017. Vanloqueren, Gaëtan, and Philippe V. Baret. "How agricultural research systems shape a technological regime that develops genetic engineering but locks out agroecological innovations." Research policy 38.6 (2009): 971-983.
SRP Stakeholders Stakeholder group 1: Argument/Stance: Stakeholder group 2: Argument/Stance: Stakeholder group 3: Argument/Stance: Stakeholder group 4: Argument/Stance: What stakeholder group do you align with and why? What are their arguments? Outline I. II. Intro a. b. c. Summarize issue and define all related terms Identify the main stakeholder groups and their respective arguments Thesis sentence: use an “I” plus a strong power verb (argue/feel/believe/etc) that tells your stance on the issue – thesis sentence should include the supporting reasons you will develop in that section in order. Supporting Points a. Supporting point 1: state point in topic sentence i. Evidence ii. explanation of evidence in your words iii. topic sentence restatement – tie evidence to overall argument/thesis b. Supporting point 2: state point in topic sentence iv. Evidence v. explanation of evidence in your words vi. topic sentence restatement – tie evidence to overall argument/thesis III. Opposing View a. Opposing view: identify stakeholder and opposing view in topic sentence b. Discuss whether you find this argument reasonable. If so, concede to the point and tell why. If not, explain why. c. Restate topic sentence IV. Personal Stake a. Discuss how this issue affects you personally, being as specific as possible. V. Conclusion a. Restate thesis sentence using an ‘I’ b. Restate all main points c. End memorably

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