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Essay Assignment #4—Persuasive or Analytical Essay The assignment: In Chapter 8 of Game Over, Dave Zirin discusses various issues involving gender, sexuality, and sports. Consider those issues and choose one of the topics below to write about to research. Then write an essay in which you try to convince readers that your view is a valid one. You can use one of the sample research questions to focus your topic or come up with your own research question. Support your ideas with SIX-TEN database sources. Topics (with sample research questions):  Sports, gender, and power o How can sports influence/change our ideas about masculinity and femininity, gender roles, or gender-associated abilities?  Sports and gender oppression o Why are female athletes sexualized in the media? o How do athletic dress codes discriminate against Muslim women? o What additional challenges do female athletes of color face?  Sports and sexuality o How are male athletes sexualized in the media? o Why are homophobia and transphobia so prevalent in sports? o Why does the media focus on athletes’ sexuality?  Gender segregation in sports o Should sports continue to be segregated by gender? Audience (who you will write for):  Primary audience: You are writing this for a reader who either disagrees with your particular position on this issue (if your essay is persuasive) or one who has never considered your particular view on this issue (if your essay is analytical).  Secondary audience: As your instructor, I will read your essay to evaluate how effectively you have addressed your primary audience. I will be looking for how deeply you have thought about the issue, the focus and validity of your central argument (your thesis), how well your points connect to and expand on your thesis, and the strength of the evidence you use to support your ideas. Requirements:  2000 words (including Works Cited page)  MLA format  Evidence in the form of 6-10 database sources. Some possible databases: o EBSCOhost o Opposing Viewpoints in Context o ProQuest  A properly formatted Works Cited page  No “I”; “you”; or “we” Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Read Chapter 8 of Dave Zirin’s Game Over. Come up with a research topic or question. Break up the topic or question into concepts (or keywords) and alternative search terms. Using your concepts and/or alternative terms, conduct a search in the Cerritos College library databases (I recommend EBSCOhost). 5. After reading several abstracts and articles, choose THREE articles that seem relevant to your topic. PRINT them, along with the Works Cited information. 6. Do some pre-writing on the topic, including a rough outline. 7. Continue to research and find 3 more database sources (articles) to support your ideas. PRINT them, along with the Works Cited information. 8. Refine your outline if necessary. 9. Decide what evidence you will use to support each of your points. 10. TYPE your intro and the first three body paragraphs AND create your Works Cited page for Writer’s Workshop #3. 11. REVISE your intro and first three body paragraphs and type however many paragraphs you need to finish the essay. 12. Before submitting your essay to Turnitin, review the checklist at the end of this assignment sheet, as the items in the checklist are what I will be grading you on. 13. Submit your final draft to Turnitin by Sunday, 7 May. Organization (How to Structure This Essay): Intro (Should contain the following elements in this order):    Brief discussion of the issue your essay will address If there is a debate over this issue, a summary of both sides of the debate Thesis that states a clear central point/your position on the issue you’ve chosen Body:  Paragraphs should support the thesis and should use S-E-I-S structure: S—State your point (This should explain your thesis in more detail; it is the how or why of the thesis). E—Explain your point in more detail. Provide context for the evidence you are about to introduce. This usually means that you state the article title, summarize what the quote is about, and provide information about the author so that the quote doesn't come out of nowhere. I—Illustrate your point with a quote from one of your sources. Don’t forget to give credit to the author either before the quote or after, using MLA in-text citation. S—Show the connection between the evidence and your point. Conclusion:  You can do whatever you want in the conclusion, just as long as you’re not doing a summary conclusion that begins with “in conclusion.” Works Cited Page (This is the last page of your essay) RESOURCES (Please Use Them)  Database Research  Accessing the Databases from Home  Using the Gale Virtual Reference Library  Concepts and Alternative Terms  Keyword Searching  Constructing Efficient Keyword Searches  Searching Databases and Downloading Articles  Limiting Your Results  Getting help from a librarian  MLA Format and Citation o MLA Format Template o MLA Style Overview (8th Edition) o MLA Citations (8th Edition) o Google Voice Typing  Essay Structure o Essay Structure (Part 1) o Essay Structure (Part 2) o S-E-I-S Body Paragraph Structure o Sample Works Cited Page Assignment Purpose: This assignment addresses the English 100 SLOs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6:       employ the writing process in order to understand and complete the writing task (1) write an essay that has a specific purpose, in response to specific writing prompts and course assignments (2) write a multi-paragraph essay with specific details, examples, and illustrations to fulfill a purpose (3) demonstrate critical engagement with outside sources (4) write in prose style characterized by clarity, complexity, and variety (5) adhere to the conventions of standard written English in accord with MLA style (6) This assignment also addresses the following job skills employers seek:  written communication  critical/analytical thinking  locating, organizing, evaluating information  working in teams  working with people from different backgrounds Checklist (Ask yourself the following questions before submitting your essay, as these items are what you will be graded on):  Is my essay in MLA format?  Is it in 12 pt, Times New Roman font?  Does my introduction contain the following elements in this order:  a brief discussion of the issue my essay will address?  a summary of both sides of the debate surrounding this issue, if there’s debate?  a thesis statement at the end of the intro that makes my position or view clear?  Does each body paragraph focus on just one point that expands on the thesis more specifically (In other words, when I reread my thesis and then look at the point, does the point answer the question: Why?; In what way?; or How so?)?  Does each body paragraph use S-E-I-S structure?  Is each point supported with evidence (direct quotes from database articles)?  Does my conclusion give the reader something to think about and/or leave the reader with a final thought instead of a summary?  Does my essay include properly formatted in-text citations in MLA format?  Does my essay include a properly formatted Works Cited page?  Does my essay contain 6-10 database sources (articles)?  Does my essay adhere to the 2000-word count requirement (including the Works Cited page)?  Did I PROOFREAD my essay carefully, cleaning up whatever grammar and spelling errors I could?

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