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BA 544 Human Resource Management Final Course Project The Assignment Every course a Schiller International University will have a substantial Individual Project designed to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. This is reflected in the course syllabus. This project will determine a significant part of your grade in the course. The project is a comprehensive 1,200 word paper and a presentation (about a 6-8 pages of single spaced Arial Font). The paper must follow the Instructor’s Guidelines for Written Assignments below so read those carefully. The Topic - Leadership Talent Management …. A HR Challenge for the Future Leadership talent management is gaining increased attention in HRM worldwide. In fact, according to many HR experts, it is one of the top 3 challenges facing HR in the future. Leadership Talent Management is defined as a: conscious, deliberate approach undertaken to attract, develop, and retain people with the potential, aptitude, and abilities to meet current and future leadership needs. A key to growth and sustainability for any company is finding and developing their future leaders. A comprehensive leadership talent management program brings together a number of important human resource management areas … hiring; performance appraisal, succession planning, management development and training, promotion and career planning and compensation. Some organizations, like GE, Shell Oil, Proctor & Gamble, etc, decide to "grow and manage their own leadership talent” and undertake comprehensive HR programs to ensure that a rigorous, coordinated, and performance oriented approach is adopted. This assignment will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the elements of a leadership talent management program and to apply that knowledge to an international organization. Case Study An International Supermarket (Grocery) Chain Lonekiiek NV is a mid-sized supermarket chain located in Amsterdam that is known for its quality, cleanliness, and outstanding customer service. The chain currently has 50 stores in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The firm was family owned until it was recently purchased. The HR practices were very minimal and informal as a family owned operation. See the Organization Charts below (Corporate and Store Level). Corporate Level Organization Chart VP Purchasing & Distribution VP Maintenance & Facilities Regional Manager Holland North 15 Stores Chairman of the Board and CEO VP Store Operations Regional Manager Holland South 20 Stores VP Finance & IT Regional Manager Germany 8 Stores VP HR & Administration Regional Manager Belgium 7 Stores The new owners are poised to grow the chain in Holland as well as expanding international operations in Germany, and Belgium and possibly other EU countries. The new CEO believes that the “shopping experience” created by the store layout, wide selection of products, and friendly and helpful staff is a competitive edge. The new owners understand that the key to consistent, high quality operations and customer service is a management team, in every store, that shares the company’s values and operating principles. A key to their future growth strategy is to create significant management and leadership depth at every level so that newly acquired stores can be staffed with proven managers who understand the Lonekiiek store operating philosophy values. The original founder of the company and the new CEO both firmly believe that excellent leadership at every level is the key creating and maintaining the culture of customer service they desire. They also believe that leaders need to be developed from within the organization so they share the same values and operational knowledge. A key priority for the new HR Director is the development and implementation of a comprehensive leadership talent management program. Your Role You are a new MBA graduate from an international university. You have been recently hired by the company and assigned to the new HR Director develop the plan for this new leadership development program. Since this is your first project assignment with the new company, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your abilities. You want to do an excellent job. Assignment Your assignment is to create a comprehensive Leadership Talent Management plan for this supermarket chain. At the moment, you are to focus on Store Operations where most of the managers and employees are working. Before you begin, you will need to do some research on best industry practices for leadership talent management. Assume that there is nothing in place within the company at the moment. You might want to look at companies like GE and their Leadership Development Program. (But remember, this is a supermarket, not GE so your plan needs to be reasonable with what they could afford to spend.) Here are some sites to get you started http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesinsights/2013/04/24/essential-tools-of-talentmanagement/ http://www.shrm.org/Research/Articles/Articles/Documents/0606RQuartpdf.pdf http://www.ge.com/careers/culture/university-students/early-career Requirements for the Assignment: 1. You are to prepare a paper outlining your plan for leadership development in the supermarket chain.( Finding employees with leadership potential and developing them for Store Leadership Roles) Deadline: Papers are due Wed of Week 4. At a minimum, your plan must address the following seven (7) areas: 1. Criteria Development: How will the desired competencies and/or criteria for identifying those with high leadership potential be determined? Who will be involved in determining the competencies that will be used? Give some (3-5) examples of what criteria (traits, competencies, knowledge, skills) might be important in judging leadership potential within a supermarket. 2. Assessment of Current Performance: How will performance evaluation and performance appraisal be accomplished? Who will do it? How frequently? 3. Identification (Selection) of High Talent: How will employees with high leadership potential be identified? Be specific in terms of: who will be involved, how it will be done (methods), when will it be done. Should those who are identified as part of the high talent leadership program be informed of their selection? What are the pros and cons of informing them? 4. Development of Talent: What methods (rotational assignments; training programs; coaching and mentoring, etc) would you use to develop the high potential individuals? Identify the three to five (3-5) methods you would consider most important and effective for leadership development in this type of organization? Why are these important? What does the research show? 5. International Considerations – What development issues need to be considered due to the fact that the supermarket chain is now a multi-national company and expanding with stores in Germany and Belgium? 6. Promotions: How would promotions be handled to maximize the development of the person being promoted? 7. Retaining High Talent Individuals: How would you use rewards and recognition to retain your high talent individuals? Your paper must follow the Instructor’s Guidelines for Written Assignments below so read those carefully. Your Instructor’s Guidelines for this Written Assignment Introduction: I applaud you for pursuing your MBA degree. Earning MBA degree is truly a noteworthy achievement. Less than 5% of the people in the world have earned that degree, so you are in an elite group. Those who hire graduates in the business world expect a lot from them. They expect that you can: analyze situations; solve problems; meet deadlines; synthesize information gathered from research; present arguments for and against certain courses of action; and formulate reasoned opinions and recommendations. They will also expect that you can communicate your findings and thoughts in a clear, organized, and professional manner. I expect “college graduate level” analysis and writing and presentation. My job, as your professor, is to prepare you to succeed in the world of business. That means holding you to the standard your future employers will expect with respect to analysis and writing. Preparing professional reports, proposals, etc. is a skill, and like any skill it takes trial and error and practice. Even the best professional athletes hone their skills with a coach who provides them with specific feedback to improve their skills. That is how I see my role in this course, to look at your work, evaluate it, and provide you with specific feedback for improvement. Writing Guidelines and Format The following is the suggested format for your final paper. Each paper must be submitted using Microsoft® Word. Your paper needs to include the following elements: Title Page – This should include the title of the assignment; your name; the name of the college and the course, and the date. Abstract – This is a short “executive summary” of your paper. It should be about 60-90 words and include the main points you will cover in your paper and summarize (in a few sentences) your main findings and/or contributions. This section must be kept short no more than one paragraph. Introduction – Your initial paragraph should provide the background or context for the topic. You could link the topic to prior assignments or readings in the text. Your introductory paragraph should also justify why your reader should be interested in the topic and prepare the reader for what they will find in later sections. Body of the Paper - (# pages depends the assignment) should consist of sections dealing with various aspects of the plan like the seven areas mentioned above. This section should include any references to journals; web sites; or the text, (e.g., theory, applications, experiments, etc.) Be sure to use proper in text citations when referring to knowledge gained from a source, paraphrasing or quoting a source. You should use sub-headings when the subject changes. Conclusion - Give a brief summary (in a few sentences) of what has been presented, accomplished, and/or learned. Emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed approach, technique, or design. Discuss possible extensions of the work and any interesting open problem that you can envisage. Like the introduction, this section must be fairly short. References - Provide complete bibliographic information for each reference (USE THE APA FORMAT). References should be listed in alphabetical order. See the link below for how to cite social media (youtube, twitter, etc) APA or MLA style. http://edudemic.com/2013/05/how-to-cite-social-media/ Special Notes - Please make a soft (electronic) copy with your name in the title, and submit your written work in the Blackboard shell for the course. Do not e-mail your paper to me. Up load your paper to the course. Plagiarism, in any forms (outright copying or failure to properly credit ideas), will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade. Grading Rubric for Assignment (See Below) (See grading rubric below … areas indicated in red were where points were deducted.) Discussion Rubric Grading Category Leadership Development Plan for the Supermarket Chain Quality of Writing and Powerpoint TOTAL Desired Behavior ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Responsive .. information is not limited or missing. Comprehensive … specific not general objectives and plans. Demonstrates a systematic effort in performing the analysis Provides clear practical recommendations Plan Contains: • How Criteria will be Developed • How Current Performance will be Assessed: • Identification of Individuals with High Leadership Potential • Methods of Training and Development: • International Considerations • Promotions • Retaining High Talent Individuals ➢ Paper is well organized with: Title page; Executive Summary; Headings for various sections, Summary; References (APA Style) ➢ Paper is written clearly, easy to read ➢ Uses proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling. Points 90 10 100
HRM Leadership Talent Management A Project Course Project Leadership Talent Management Course Project: Create a comprehensive plan for identifying individual employees with leadership potential and developing them for store level leadership positions within a supermarket chain. A Supermarket Chain Based in Holland 50 Stores 3,300 Employees Departments Bakery Departments Grocery Departments Deli Departments Produce Departments Meat Departments Customer Service Managers Four Levels of Managers at the Store Level General Store Manager Store Level Organizational Chart Bakery Dept. Mgr. Asst. Bakery Dept Mgr Employees Asst. Store Manager Deli Dept. Mgr. Grocery Dept. Mgr. Produce Dept. Mgr. Asst. Deli Dept Mgr Asst. Grocery Dept. Mgr Asst. Produce Dept. Mgr Employees Employees Employees Meat Dept. Mgr. Asst. Meat Dept. Mgr Employees Customer Service Dept. Mgr. Asst. Customer Service Mgr Employees Your Project: Plan for Identifying and Developing Future Leaders • What? • How? • Who? • When? Employees Future Leaders • • • • • • Evaluate Identify Select Develop Reward Retain Store General Manager Assist. Store Manager Dept. Manager Assist. Dept. Manager Employees Career Progression How will we determine which Asst. Store Mgrs. have the potential for a Store. Manager? How will we determine which Dept. Mgrs. have the potential for an Assist. Store. Manager? How will we determine which Assist. Dept. Mgrs. have the potential for an Dept. Manager? How will we determine which employees have the potential for an Assist. Dept. Manager? Criteria; who will be involved; etc. Good Luck with the Project

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