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Question Description

Each question in this section will ask you to make a comparison. The questions will compare

things in the format "A is to B as C is to \ and you will have to choose which option best 

fits in the space. 
Question 1 

Green is to yeilow as purple is to 

O yellow 

O green 

O biack 

O red 

O orange 
Question 2 

MEAT is to TEAM as 3521 is to 

O 1235 

O 1523 

O 5312 

O 3251 

O 2135 
Question 3 

Bicycle is to handlebars as car is to 
O steering wheel 
O tire 

O transmission 
O rear-view mirror 
O engine 
Question 4 

22 is to 555 as 55 is to . 
O 999 
4O3/0X 2:58 PM 
O I P 
Computer Aptitude Test v3 
Conpoter flplitvde Tert 

Time remaining: I 28:51 | 
Section 2: Syntax (5 questions} 

In this section, you will be given a set of language characters and a list of syntax rules for the 
set. You will also be given a correct sample series for the language set for comparison. These 
language characters and syntax rules are completely arbitrary, and you should not seek a 
rational explanation— just follow them as they are given. Check each series of characters to 
make certain that all of the syntax rules have been followed. If they have, mark the question 
series correct. If they have not, mark the question series incorrect. 
Question 1 
Questions 1 to 5 are based on the language described below. 

For your convenience, this description is repeated in each of these questions. ^ 


Small set: {a b c ... z> 
Large set: {ABC ... Z} 
Number set: {0 12345678 9} 

Syntax Rules 

1. A series can have up to, but not more than, 8 characters. 

2. A series cannot begin with a character from the small set. 

3. A series cannot end with a character from the large set. 

4. When a series ends with a character from the number set, it must be an odd number. 
Correct Sample Series: Amber95 
Question Series: Nineteenth 

O correct 
O incorrect 
Question 2 

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the language described below. 

For your convenience, this description is repeated in each of these questions. 
1 of 3 
Small set: {a b c ... z} 

Large set: {ABC ... 2} 

Number set: {0 12345678 9} 
4/23/01 2:59 PM 
Computer Aptitude Test v3 
Computer fiptitttfe leA 
Time remaining: 1 26:00 | 
Section 3: Procedure (5 questions) 

In this section you wiil be given a flow chart which illustrates a simple procedure. Each 
question wiil ask you to determine the logical sequence of steps in the procedure. 
Question 1 

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the flow chart shown below. 

For your convenience, this flow chart is repeated in each of these questions. 

Flow Chart 

You have a group of animals that you need to sort into lists of mammals, birds, fish, 
amphibians, and reptiles. 
{ A' 
* kit 
'Doesir- , 
/Aid to 
repute list/ 
. *AJdto it . 
mammal list 
''frees ir 

- scales?,, 
amphibian, fist 

/ bW list ' 
An animal in A . 
O is a mammal or a bird. 

® could be any kind of animal. 

O is most likely a mammal. 

O cannot be a bird. 

O is most likely not a mammal. 
4/23701 3:04 PM 
Computer Aptitude Test v3 
Computer ftptilwde leA 
Time remaining: | 18:57 [ 

Section 5: Sequence (5 questions) 

The questions in this section all involve finding patterns In a series of characters. You will be 
asked to choose the option which you feel best continues the pattern. 
Question 1 

D, D, F, D, F, S, D, F, S, L, D, . What comes next? 


O B 
Question 2 

A, K, C, M,' E, O, G, Q, I, . 




O K 
What comes next? 
Question 3 

4, 16, 36, 64, . 
O 128 
O 81 
O 72 
O 144 

O ioo 
What comes next? 
Question 4 

121, 212, 221, 112, 1212, 
O 1222 
What comes next? 
4/23/01 3:09 PM 

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