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need to rewrite it on different way ,kindly find attached assignment have been answered already so i would like to rewrite it differently but should be in the same idea

Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Introduction to E-Management ECOM 201 Project Assignment Consider yourself as Global Manager Marketing of www.souq.com, an online merchandiser. At present Souq.com is doing business in gulf region. Souq.com wants to enter in US online market. Develop a detail strategy on the following: ✓ Explain how you will implement the virtual management? ✓ How you will manage the team in US which is culturally, politically, and economically different from your country? ✓ How the virtual teams will work together? ✓ What tools are they using? ✓ What are the advantages of using virtual? ✓ What are some disadvantages they have and how they can overcome them? ✓ Explain how you will manage meetings between the teams in US and gulf in terms of time, place and language? ✓ As a manager how you will manage the outsourced projects? ✓ How would you solve a problem between two workers? ✓ What is your advice to the team for improvement? Remember US Market is very competitive and demographically various levels are already existing. Project report structure: ➢ Title Page: the name of the institution, the title of the report, the name of the author and then add the date. ➢ Abstract: Brief summary of your work. ➢ Table of contents: 1.Introduction: Background or introduction to state what the report is about. You have to give the reader an overview of the whole report. Due Date Week 6 2.Main Body of the report: Include your main work. Due Date Week 12 3.Conclusion. Due Date Week 12 4.References: Use APA style. 5.Presentation: You have to prepare for the presentation include your project summary and description. Due Date Week 13 1 Project Submission: Submission week Due Date Point Covered Marks First Submission Week 6 Introduction 5 Second Submission Week 12 Submit Report 10 Third Submission Week 13 Presentation 10 • Submission will be through the Blackboard Guidelines for the project assignment : ✓ This is an individual assignment, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinking ✓ Use font Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. ✓ Use 1.5 or double line spacing with left Justify all paragraphs. ✓ Use the footer function to insert page number. ✓ Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project. ✓ Your project report length should be between 1800 to 2000 words. ✓ A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it. 2 Saudi Electronic University Souq.com Name: ABDULMAJEED S. ALANAZI (160080059) Instructor: Dr. ABDULLAH ALSHEHRI 2018 3 Index Introduction, Souq.com Co ………………………………...................... 1 Mission, Vision, Goals…………………………………………………….... 2 Souq.Com in the US market……………………………………………… 3 Implementing, Managing Virtual & Teams together ………..... 4 Tools, Advantages, Disadvantages ……………………………........... 5 Meeting abroad, Outsourcing, Conflicts, Advises ……………….. 6 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………...7 References………………………………………………………………..……… 8 4 Introduction: E-commerce has come to a tremendous level these days and many traditional companies whether have their shot to run their business virtually or some of their work, Souq.com Company was the first in the Middle East to apply this kind of business. This report will clarify the mission and visio n and goals of the souq.com company. This kind of business has spare the companies a great deal of costs it may the cost of billions of dollars, correspondingly along with the technological revolution that made this kind of transformation is inventible, Bringing out the US market there are a huge competitive in the market as they have companies as EBay, Amazon which considered is the best company in the world in this kind of business and its profit has reached to unprecedented number of profit that exceede d tens of billions of dollars, Competition in US market needed much more a capital or asset, with an accurate and good planning procedures, Companies sometimes considered its virtual excellence as a core competency and it is distinguish it in the market. Souq.Com: Souq.com was established in 2005 by Mr. Ronald Mashour in Dubai UAE, Souq.com Considered as the biggest Ecommerce Company in the Middle East, at the first time this company has introduced to the Middle Eastern market as an ambiguous way, because this kind of business different as the business known and people used to deal with in this region. Souq.com has announce its monthly number of visitor to the site which roughly 23 million. Now Souq.com capital assets estimated by 1 billion dollar, before its being acquisitioned by Amazon Inc. and became one of its subsidiaries. 5 Mission: Souq.com is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc. and its own the biggest ecommerce site in Arab region, Now Souq.com received more than 45 million online costumer to explore its goods and offers. Souq.com has more than 10 million products with about 40 categories. Souq.com has employed about 5000 workers, and our office is distributed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt and United Arab Emirates including our engineering office in Jordan. Souq.com looking for people who has distinguish skills and ambition to make perfect standing in Ar ab market and serving the community. As we are the first in this kind of business we provide a distinct experience for our employee which spread the knowledge about online shopping. “Soug.Com site”. Vision: Our Goal is to present our brand as a community servers to facilitate the shopping for people, and to make sure their basic needs are obtainable by easier way, Online shopping has developed a dramatic changes in the last 10 years it became more known and trusted the barrier that were preventing people from using it have been reduced and the security use now has been guaranteed that is way users is increased. People these days can go shopping from their phone and they can easily pay and get the service that they need, difficulties removed thanks to the high technology, correspondingly global markets going to depend on this business people have no need to go Malls or Stores if they can reach out their needs from home, and the global community has to get the best services they seek and we want to be the first in providing this service. Goal: We have many goals have been set to apply our main strategy. Souq.com is not only seeks financial advantages in the market, Our value is to serve the communities that we operates in, Ecommerce is not has many users around the globe, but it is not being used more traditional shopping and we seek to change this equation to affect the community in positive way in this matter, Souq.com is not in the same position as it began in 2005 profit increases, Brand being valuable in the middle east, and we seek to impose our self globally. Employing the most talented people to ensure values and the business managerial function will be applied in the right way. Innovation in our business is highly required in our community. We are competing with ourselves before we strive to be great competitors in the market. 6 Souq.Com in the US market: First of all, Souq.com goes globally to gain a competitive advantages and the market in US is attractive and encourage us to invest inside it. Implementing Virtual Management: As marketing manager in Souq.com Co. I would choose the right people who have the skills who have at least the minimum qualification after that interview them and to see if they fit the job in terms of personalities and give them their duty requirements and job description. For me I will be committed and I will take all responsibilities for being exist and easy to reach all time. I will concentrate on communicating with the employee anytime they need, and I will ensure the weekly meeting will take place and will make them feel highly considered. Managing the team culturally, politically, and economically? Being a virtual team managers the first thing to think about is “Communication” it is the important thing to make it works successfully. And it is also important to know their local costumes and their business etiquette, Employees should not be feeling forgotten by their manager they will feel less valuable and there effort is not making any difference in the Organization, I can use emails or Phone calls our instant massaging or virtual meeting online to be connected to them, building the team in a great foundation, Dealing with them respectfully. Culturally, I am surly considering the time difference and their way in perceiving the right words and respecting their tradition, Religions, and their vacation time, holiday’s time. Politically, the regulation, system and order is important to bear in mind and manager should be highly aware of that, economically, choosing the right financial payment to them as the minimum standards of leaving in the US, and how Tax applies in USA. Virtual teams will work together: First of all, I will talk with the team members and ask them for their objectives. Team members should talk to each other about their cultural differences and make celebration in their birthdays. keeping in touch with your team and their needs, Actually, team members will be having a good feeling, it is important to going on them easily, satisfying the team in the beginning something is required, Secondly, the team members after a period of time will feel board about what are they doing and its crucial to be smart in dealing with them and not to forget it is normal feeling. Third, team members will get used to each other and they start to be friends and we should keep encouraging them. “Barrett-Koehler, 2002” 7 Using Tools: Gathering the team and conducting a Seminar over the internet with effective participation from the employee and the manager, Using prerecorded video about the business will clarify all aspects that employees feels they missed and should now about it, Using online meeting with a high capability to manage the meeting will benefit the employees and create critical thinking atmosphere where it will be reflected on the meeting result that serve the original purpose of the meeting. Also we have to use collaborative tools that enable staff to share their workspace together also online meeting, online scheduling, furthermore, using IM and SMS is effective in the virtual environment along with many other tools. Advantages of virtual: Using of virtual management has many advantages that give any organization the privilege of using it such as, Reducing the costs as we know in virtual management there is no need for facilities that would cost the company a big amount of money, Also it is the easiest way to do the outsourcing and does not take time to blen d them with your teamwork, it can also the fastest way of entering any market because it has less barriers from opening the traditional companies. Disadvantages There are many things that would make the virtual business is difficult to be applied in the perfect way we seek, face-to-face communicating can facilitate many things in dealing with people and the virtual business cannot afford that, Virtual business could make the employees feeling they are separated from the reality of business correspondingly, distancing from your manager could make you less committed if you have a flimsy of responsibility towards your job. The best way to overcome this kind of things is to communicate with employees at least once a day and give them your expectation and their job description and they have to feel that there is an eye monitoring them and express company appreciation for what they are doing to make business success, mutual expectation is important for the employee’s productivity, and the strategy should be clear to make Company plans goes on and on to reach the goals. 8 Managing meeting abroad: Before conducting a meeting we have to bear in mind the time difference in oth er areas, and should recognize the difference region of the team members, if the difference of time is big we have to conduct our meeting even two or three times a week as per the time difference. Managing outsourcing Project: Before we decide to outsource we have to look into our business and ask why we need them. Of course we decide to outsource depend on how much cost we are going to save, the time will be less for producing the product or the quality will be high. we have to consider many aspects before we go in our way of outsourcing most of the companies does not need to hire people on little work so they take step toward the outsourcing that help them to sign a temporary contract with outsourced people or companies. Solving conflicts: Having a conflict in any team is more likely not weird, but the good manager who can control and impose the wisdom in such situation, First, I would be all ears to listen to the both side of conflicts and take each one in person and see what is the main cause of the conflict and based on the situation we decide how to solve it, it is important for a manager to know his employees personalities, and evaluate the area conflicts to sort the problem out. Team Improvement: The team should work together anonymously and support each other and the have to be responsible in doing their job and any single case unfamiliar to them they have to ask about it, team must know what is going on in their company and with a good assigned work they will be more creative and productive, the company must bear in mind the rewards and incentive them by words or financially, provide them with every tool the business required work with them and make the atmosphere like a one family, helping each other communicating and encouraging for creativity. 9 Conclusion: The virtual team is not far different from the traditional it just conducted in a different way, and the manager have to be familiar with all online tools to apply his managerial capabilities in the best way, Nowadays Virtual companies triples in the last 5 years and it became more useful and people are directing their ways in shopping online, There is no successful business without a great manager and great employees, and controlling and formulating the team requires special expertise in Communication and general management and people management etc.., and this is the way the managers supposed to build their team on. 10 -References-Pullan, P. (2011). The seven secrets of successful virtual meetings. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2011—EMEA, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. -Lee E. Miller, influencing trainer and author of UP: Influence, Power and the U Perspective: The Art of Getting What You Want. -Zaiss, C. D. (2002). True partnership: Revolutionary thinking about relating to others. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. - Kevin Wegryn, Colleen Garton (2006). Managing Without Walls: Maximize Success with Virtual, Global, and Cross-Cultural Teams, MC Press. - Pilar Pazos, (2012) "Conflict management and effectiveness in virtual teams", Team Performance Management: An International Journal, Vol. 18 Issue: 7/8, pp.401-417, https://doi.org/10.1108/13527591211281138 11

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