12 Rules for Life
Jordan Peterson
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Jordan Peterson
Year Published
About the Title

So, what sets this seemingly generic self-help book by some obscure psychologist apart from all of the rest? Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian university professor and clinical psychologist with a formerly quaint lifestyle now inhabits worldwide celebrity following his groundbreaking and scintillating Channel 4 interview with the quick-on-her-legs journalist Cathy Newman. The subject which generated so much controversy was nothing new - it was about the gender wage gap between men and women, and partly a promotion for Peterson’s work. What was so special about this interview manifested in how clear-headed and objective Peterson’s assertions against Newman’s predatory rhetoric, along with the consistency and coherence which how Peterson made his counterarguments. Notably, at one point in the interview, Peterson begins to make so much ground with Newman that she stops her intense line of questioning to assess the overwhelming validity and clarity of his points. It is with this expectation that Jordan Peterson’s book: “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” skyrocketed in popularity, as the rise in viewership of that 30-minute interview prompted a number of enraptured fans to seek out more life advice from Peterson, who provides it not only in his publicly available lectures on YouTube, but also in a distilled form that is this book. Those seeking that same level of clarity on how to lead a fulfilling life and how to make sense of a world often unfair and meaningless - chaotic - will attempt to find solace in Peterson’s interpretations and his insights as a career clinician.

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