George Orwell
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Chapter Summaries
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Chapter Summary
Book 1 Chapter 1-2

Winston Smith lives in London, in an area known as Airstrip One. London is now a part of the super state of Oceania; formally known as Great Britai...

Book 1 Chapter 3-5

Winston dreams of his mother, who vanished in one of the 'Great Purges' that happened in the 1950s when Winston was ten or eleven years old. In the...

Book 1 Chapter 6-8

Winston remembers Katharine, his wife from whom he separated but never divorced as per the party rules. Winston depicts how the Party functions cea...

Part 2 Chapter 1-3

Julia and Winston walk around the little enclave. Winston, remaining at the edge of their little clearing, all of a sudden, notices the landscape: ...

Part 2 Chapter 4-7

Winston remains in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop, glancing around. His paperweight is on the little work area, and the room contains a litt...

Part 2 Chapters 8-10

Winston and Julia, having arrived using different routes, arrive at O'Brien's house. Winston is apprehensive to have even entered the rich, neighbo...

Part 3 Chapter 1-3

Winston sits in a holding cell with white walls, no windows, and a high roof. He isn't sure where he is, yet suspect that it is the Ministry of Lov...

Part 3 Chapter 4-6

Following his defeat to the party and his inevitable betrayal of Julia, Winston has been discharged from the Ministry of Love. He sits in the Chest...

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