George Orwell
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Part 3 Chapter 4-6

Following his defeat to the party and his inevitable betrayal of Julia, Winston has been discharged from the Ministry of Love. He sits in the Chestnut Tree Cafe drinking their exceptional clove-enhanced Victory Gin. Winston tunes in to the telescreen, eager for a unique announcement from the Ministry of Peace. There ought to be news about Central Africa. All of a sudden, his mind wanders. He experiences difficulty concentrating on any single idea nowadays. He can notice the gin, and considers how it is perpetually stirred up with the lingering smells of the horrors that he confronted in Room 101. A server who always treats Winston as a high-ranking member of the Party, presents a chessboard to him as well as a copy of the Times as well as constantly filling his gin glass. He starts to analyze the days chess problem in the Times: "White to play and mate in two moves." He looks at Big Brother, contemplating internally, "White always mates."

The telescreen reports that a release will be given at fifteen-thirty. He is excited to think about the news. Eurasia is attacking Central Africa, and on the chance that they are successful may, in the end, prevail with regards to breaking Oceania in two, which could mean the annihilation of the Party. Unknowingly, he follows "2+2=5" in the dust on the table, and thinks about Julia. They saw each other once after being discharged. He took after her on her walk, dependably a couple of feet behind. In the end, she halted, and he put his arm around her midriff, however, felt repugnance at the prospect of having intercourse with her. She did not react; her body felt inflexible and inert. They sat down on a seat with some separation between them. After some time, she let him know, "I deceived you." He told her the same thing. They agree that the party will always find a way to make you think about yourself and no one else. From that point onward, it is difficult to ever feel the same way about someone again.


It is essential to note of that Winston was one of the few individuals living in Oceania who even recalled a period before the Revolution. Julia, albeit displeased with Party life, never had the inner belief that would propel her to full rebellion. Once the last individuals who have memories of what life before the revolution was life are gone, and once Newspeak formally assumes control, removing the residents' capacity to try and think against the Party, there will be no desire for rebellion. The Party's control will be outright, and it is hard to perceive any situation that would break it. Here, we have Orwell's last cautioning. He proposes that enabling totalitarian administrations to create similar situations and cement themselves in place – outlawing all opposing opinions and free will are the first and potentially most important steps toward a definitive dystopia.

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