50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 1

The author begins the chapter by talking about the hair-troubled Anastasia. Ana is standing before the mirror trying to make the hair look nice since she has to attend an interview in downtown Seattle. Ideally, she needs to interview the CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. Surprisingly; all her efforts are to help her roommate Katherine Kavanagh who arranged for the meeting but has succumbed to flu. Therefore, Anastasia Steele has to drive for a hundred and sixty-five miles and help her best friend.

Ana opts to take Kate’s car, as it is more reliable and dependable for the journey. The drive is smooth and she makes it in time. On entering the magnificent building, she meets the receptionist who directs her to the twentieth floor where Mr. Grey, the CEO has his office located. She describes the building since it appears mesmerizing to her. She meets other female employees, and it dawns on her that they are all blonde and sharply dressed. This realization makes her feel out of place.

Finally, she meets Mr. Grey who she has thought of since entering the facility. It surprises her when she realizes that Christian Grey is just but a young individual who has succeeded in life. The interview makes her nervous especially Grey’s gaze upon her. Her failure to do a prior research on the CEO before attending the meeting adds to her nervousness.

In addition, she opens up a little bit about herself after Christian asks. This openness seems to amuse Mr. Grey as he even offers to show her around, an offer she declines since she has a long drive back to Vancouver. Grey walks her to the elevator and hopes that they will meet again.


E L James uses this chapter to introduce Ana’s caring personality. This unfolds considering that; she offers to attend the meeting with Grey in place of her friend Kate who is unwell. She also prepares some soup for Kate so that she can heat herself up later. Apart from that, Ana sacrifices her time to her roommate despite having her final exams to prepare for and an essay to write. This description shows the reader Anna’s personality and character, thus attracting the audience’s attention to find out more about the story.

The author also details Ana’s encounters as they unfold in her mind. This shows that Ana is a thoughtful and observant individual, as she can see fine details of different thing all at the same time. For instance, she notices the blonde-haired women working in Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. She also notes the thirty-six mosaic of small paintings hanging on Grey’s office wall. The interview shows Grey’s authoritative and controlling character, something that seems to scare Anastasia a little. Nonetheless, his efforts of trying to know about Ana are an indication of his attraction to her, as the author mentions that the behavior even surprises the blonde employees.

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