50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 11

Ana goes through the contract provided by Grey. The papers cover various issues including the fundamental terms, roles, commencement and term, availability, location, service provision for the dominant and the submissive, activities and safe words(James 147). The contract also provides the rules, hard limits and soft limits. The contract covers everything that the relationship will entail, and it sets a period of three months as the trial period. Beyond that, the dominant and the submissive have to agree before going forward. Apart from that, the submissive has to be available for all the weekends within the period of the agreement (James 142).

Most of the details in the contract confuse Ana. Ideally, she is very interested in being with Grey, but under the given terms, it seems that she will not have him to herself. In addition, she cannot think of bringing herself to that point of agreeing to the terms. Luckily, Grey allows for discussion, and she has many questions buzzing in her head. That night, Ana sleeps hoping to have a fresh look at the contract the next day.

Kate wakes Ana the next morning, and it is already eight o’clock. There is a parcel for Ana from Grey, a new high tech computer, a MacBook Pro with the latest OS, large storage space, and an impressive RAM (James 156). The deliveryman sets it on the dining table and Ana acknowledges the delivery. Kate asks the reason for the computer since she always allows Ana to use hers. In response, Ana claims that she has some research, and it is a loan laptop.

She talks to Grey through the new set email, and she talks about her numerous questions about the contract, questions she cannot discuss via email. After that, she prepares herself and rushes to Crayton’s, her workplace. This will be her last week working there. She meets José for coffee just as planned (James 160). She talks to Grey via email again after work, and he urges her to do the assignment. She researches a bit and still wonders to herself the reason for even considering the agreement.


 Ana’s decision to read the contract before going to bed is a clear indication of her immense curiosity. Despite the weirdness of the contract, she still rereads it confirming that she thinks of considering it. The MacBook Pro from Grey shows his commitment to ensuring that Ana is okay with everything he wants from her. He needs to ensure that she understands the various issues before accepting the agreement. Further, the contract shows Grey’s stand and the nature of the relationship he desires to have. He considers himself as the dominant, and he needs to exercise his power even over his intimate partner, the submissive. Ana meeting with José shows that she is a forgiving individual, and she holds a high place for all her friends.

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