50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 12

Ana decides for the first time in her life to go for a voluntary run. Ideally, she needs time to think about the contract, and running will give her some alone time (James 164). The action even mesmerizes Kate who cannot believe Ana in sneakers. After the run, she goes back into the apartment and emails Grey telling him that she has seen enough and it was nice knowing him. She hopes for an immediate reply, but Grey remains quiet thus making Ana confused (James 166).

At nine in the evening, Grey comes to Ana’s apartment and finds her rereading the contract while making some comments. He claims that Ana’s email needed an in person reply. This surprise happens in Ana’s room, and she cannot believe that Kate allowed Grey in without informing her first. Together, Ana and Grey talk mainly about the email and some of the issues on the contract. Eventually, they romance and fuck until Ana orgasms several times.

After that, Ana says that the email was a joke. However, Grey did not take it that way. He is happy that she is considering his proposal, but she tells him that she has issues. She had thought of emailing them to him but considered to do it in person over dinner on Wednesday. They talk about Mrs. Robinson and Grey claims that he can introduce Ana to some of his former subs if she wanted. This issue upsets Ana, and she is jealous of Grey talking to her former partners. She then kicks him out, and Kate comes to talk to her (James 175). Surprisingly, she decides to open up to Kate on what she is undergoing with the exception of the contract. She claims that Grey uses sex as a weapon, and she is not hopeful for a future with him. Kate notes that Grey has commitment issues, and she is not surprised as she thought that something was off with Grey. They also talk about Elliot, and Kate is excited to discuss her experience with him. Later Ana sends her issues to Grey via email, and he says that it is a long list. Grey then commands that she go to sleep and she does so immediately, wondering how a person who is miles away would intimidate her that way.


The idea of going for a run shows that the contract greatly confuses Ana. The email she sends to Grey is a way of starting a conversation, but the author shows Grey’s lack of humor since he never replies. Instead, he shows up at Ana’s room, hoping to force his effect on her so that she may change her mind. Having intercourse with Ana is Grey’s method of reminding her of what she will miss if she fails to consider the contract. Besides, Ana talking to Kate shows her concerns and the fear of getting in the agreement with Grey, as it will change her life in adverse ways. Nonetheless, she emails Grey all her concerns, as she is ready to negotiate the terms. Ideally, she wants to be with Grey, even if it is through his weird terms. That point indicates Ana’s deep affection for Grey, and that she can do anything for him.

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