50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 13

It is Wednesday already and Ana starts the day by calling her mom. She is deeply sorry that she will not make it to her graduation since Bob got an accident. Ana assures her mother that it okay since Ray, her other stepdad will attend (James 182). Her mother still senses some difference in her daughter, and she asks her whether she met someone, and Ana refuses to tell the truth. Christian has emailed regarding the concerns, and his email gives the definition of ‘submissive.’ In her response, Ana replaces the word submissive with ‘compromise’ (James 183). The two are to meet that night for dinner, and Ana says that she will drive herself to the meeting point.

At work, Paul is still trying to ask Ana out, and she says she is having dinner with someone that night. Initially, Paul thinks that it is with José, but Ana corrects him saying, Christian Grey. The mention of Grey seems to have an effect on Paul, and he thereafter avoids Ana as much as possible (James 187). At home, Kate gives Ana two dresses, one for the dinner, and another for the graduation. Ana applies makeup and dresses nicely for the dinner. Kate thinks that she is hot, and bets that Grey will find her very attractive.

Ana drives to Heathman Hotel where she finds Grey waiting. Sure enough, he finds her attractive considering her dressing. They drink wine and have dinner together. As they do, they discuss Ana’s issues concerning the contract. The discussion makes Ana terrified by the idea, and she tries to toy with Grey for her benefit. He invites her to spend the night but she reluctantly declines (James 200). Ideally, she needs to set some boundaries, especially because Grey’s attention to her comes with weird terms. She chooses to go home, and Grey accompanies her to the lobby. The car she drives amuses him, and he suggests that they may get a something better. She drives home crying. Kate is not at home. It is relieving since Ana will not explain her emotions.


 Ana values her family, even her stepdad who is no longer married to her mother. It is quite clear that she grew up with good family ethics, and she is appreciative of all those who care for her. Her closeness to her mother makes it easy for the mother to detect a change in Ana’s life despite her efforts of hiding the truth. Rejecting Paul’s invitation to dinner shows that Ana values honesty and faithfulness. She feels that her heart belongs to Grey, and the numerous terms make it confusing for her.

Before going for dinner, Ana dresses up nicely with the aim of impressing Grey. Deeply, she cares about his opinions, and she loves him despite his constant controlling behavior. Nonetheless, she still wants to have a say in the arrangement thus her decision to drive herself. At dinner, the discussion on the different terms contained in the contract is an indication of their efforts in ensuring that the arrangement works. Nevertheless, Ana refuses to spend the night with Grey, as she is not sure of the stand she should take. She has numerous worries and concerns, most of them surrounding the fear of rejection. Despite that, she has to deal with those uncertainties alone, and she cannot seek Kate’s advice, as she already knows what she will say.

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