50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 14

This chapter starts by surprising the readers intentionally. The author begins it an erotic dream by Ana. It makes the audience think that she has already accepted Grey’s indecent proposal (James 204). This bemusement ends after Ana wakes up in her own room, and alone. It is already in the morning and the graduation day is here. Kate is already home. She asks about Ana’s dinner with Grey, and as usual, Ana is trying to avoid the topic. Kate also reads her speech to Ana, and it sounds impressive.

Ray arrives at Ana’s apartment and Ana is happy to see him. She invites him in and they have tea. After that, Ray drives Ana to the campus, and later the graduation commences (James 206). Christian is present and he sits among the professors and the vice chancellors. Kate gives her speech and everyone cheers. Christian Grey also gives his speech and Ana finds herself lost in thoughts after Grey mentions that he experienced hunger in his life (James 208).

Grey is also giving the degrees to the graduates, and he asks Ana her reasons for not replying to his emails. She claims that she has not checked the computer or phone the whole day. Ray meets Grey and Kate introduces Grey as Ana’s boyfriend. Ray is amused and baffled at the same time. Ana talks to Grey again and she agrees to his proposal. She is willing to try although they have to discuss the soft limits. The news amuse Grey significantly and he describes Ana as an unexpected individual (James 215). Later, Ray drops Ana at her apartment and he drives back to his place. Ana then checks her email and phone. Her mom called, Grey called and texted, and José left a voice message to wish her well. She talks to Grey saying that she will go meet him but he says that he will come to her instead.


Ana’s erotic and intimate dream foreshadows her response to Grey’s proposal. It also indicates that she cannot run away from the fact that she is already willing to do anything for Grey. Ray shows responsibility and concern by driving all the way for Ana’s graduation. Despite his separation from Ana’s mother, he is still a caring individual and he values Ana as his own daughter. Christian’s speech opens up some of his past, and it gets Ana into a thinking mode where she wonders how life was before Grey’s adoption. She is still thoughtful and curious about his mysteries, and she seeks to unravel them all. In turn, Grey questions Ana during the awarding of the degrees showing his concern for her safety especially as she drives an ‘unsafe’ car.

Kate already knows Grey’s commitment issues and thus she introduces him to Ray as Ana’s boyfriend. Her intention is to push Grey into committing to Ana, and her skills seem to work correctly. Ray approves the relationship since he wants happiness for his daughter. Besides, Ana accepts to try the proposal since she has to overcome her fears and face the truth about her profound feelings for Grey. She is even willing to go see him that evening, and he chooses to come to her since he is caring and loving.

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