50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 15

Christian arrives and Ana welcomes him into the house. In his hand, he has Bollinger meant for celebration upon Ana’s graduation (James 219). Generally, Ana is shy and not so sure of what she is doing. She brings teacups as she and Kate have already packed the wine glasses. They sit on the couch, and Christian pulls Ana close to him. They drink the champagne while discussing some of the parts of the contract. They start with the soft limits. Already, Ana has declined anything to do with fisting. She is also not ready for anal intercourse. However, Grey says that anal intercourse may be very pleasurable, but she will need training before they initiate such an activity (James 215).

After that, they talk about sex toys and Ana seems okay with most of the suggestions. On bondage, Ana has issues with suspension and gagging (James 226). Pain is the most scaring issue to Ana as per Grey’s list. Ideally, she never experienced pain in her life and was not ready to endure any from Grey. However, Christian thinks that with time Ana will find pain as a way of achieving pleasure. In addition, Grey wants to try a new thing with Ana, and he promises that it does not involve pain. He also says that he may offer to be with her once a week to cover the ‘more’ as Ana desires. He also rewards her a new car as a graduation gift, and asks her to dump the beetle as it looks like a ‘death trap.’ After Grey shows Ana the new car, he takes her back inside the apartment and into her room. On that day, he allows her to take the lead as they have intercourse. She is happy and she does her best to please him.


Grey comes immediately after Ana calls, as he is significantly happy that she accepted his proposal. In addition, he wants them to celebrate as Ana has already graduated. He discusses all the concerns from the contract as raised by Ana, and his willingness to consider her concerns shows that he cares about her deeply. Apart from that, he shows his care for Ana by buying her a new car that will make her traveling more efficient. Later, he allows her to take charge as they make sexual relations showing that he may change his ways for her. His actions on that day indicate that Ana forms an important part of his life, and he is willing to reconsider his fears to please her.

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