50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 17


Ana wakes up and Christian Grey is fast asleep, wrapped around her tightly. She loves the scene but Grey is heavy and his body heats her in an adverse way (James 256). When he wakes, he exclaims that even in sleep he finds his way to her, drawn. It is already 7:30 and Grey is late for work. He has a meeting at eight, and he has to rush out. They are to meet again on Sunday, and Taylor will sort the Beetle issue. Later, Ana writes to Grey explaining her confusion after the spanking. They talk and Ana leaves for work. At work, a courier service delivery comes for Ana and Grey sent a Blackberry for her (James 264). Ideally, he needs to keep in touch with her through the email service. Ana does not appreciate the phone, as she has to work first.

At four, the Claytons gather the employees and present Ana with a check for three hundred dollars. At home, Kate sees the new Audi and makes her inquisitions. Grey emails and Ana decides to reply after she finishes the packing. Taylor also comes for the car and praises Grey as a good man. José comes with a Chinese takeout aiming to spend some time with the two girls on their last day in the apartment (James 267). Elliot also shows up making Ana and José leave to a bar to offer privacy. Later, Ana comes home and sees Grey’s email. She remembers that she promised to reply after work. There are missed calls and a voice message on her phone, and she calls him in a terrified mood. Nonetheless, Grey sounds cool and calm.

The author recaps the story with Ana and Kate being already in Seattle. They are in their new apartment and Elliot is present. Elliot helps them re-plug the TV into the satellite system. He has to leave and meet his sister at the airport. Grey has a bottle of wine delivered, and his gesture leads to Ana telling Kate about Grey’s helicopter (James 272). Ana talks with Grey on email, and on that Sunday, she heads to his place for the meeting with the doctor.


Grey sleeps until he is almost late for his meeting. He wakes up wrapped in Ana’s body. This scene shows that Grey feels comfortable and at peace whenever he is around Ana. He also sends a Blackberry to Ana since he wants to maintain a close conversation with her despite their work commitments. Ana is also open about her feelings, especially regarding the spanking and pain. It is clear that the two feel more close to each other as compared to initially.

Kate and Ana moving to Seattle show a shift in their life. Elliot and Grey are there to welcome them. This foreshadows some good moments between each pair considering that Elliot and Kate are deeply in love while Grey and Ana are doing their thing. They all seem happy.

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