50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 18

Dr. Greene arrives at Grey’s residence to examine Ana. From the initial impression, Ana finds out that the doctor is more like Kate and thus she likes her immediately. The doctor examines Ana and prescribes the mini pill as the effective contraceptive. For it to work, Ana has to take the mini pill on daily basis, and at a specified time (James 278). Grey offers to remind her whenever she has to take the mini pill. Ana and Grey have a light meal together leading to Ana clearing her plate faster than Grey for the first time.

After the meal, they head into the Red Room of Pain. Here, Grey orders Ana to do different things and she obeys without hesitation. He uses a brown leather crop on her and pounds on her at the large wooden X placed on the wall (James 284). She comes twice and Grey seems to need more despite the sleepy and tired look on Ana. Therefore, he ties her wrists with plastic cable ties, the ones she sold to him back at Crayton’s. He orders her to hold tight on an ornately carved wooden post from where he takes her from behind. This process makes Ana feel her come even before she releases. She manages to hold until Grey request her to release upon which she lets go (James 289). After that, Grey carries her into her room in his house, and he sleeps beside her. She is happy but too tired to make any comment. Therefore, she immediately slides into slumber.


Dr. Greene reminds Ana of Kate considering the ways she carries herself. Ana likes Greene immediately as she admires her qualities that seem similar to Kate’s. Ideally, Ana lacks these qualities since she cannot fully stand for herself. Nonetheless, she is willing to use the contraceptives for the sake of pleasing Grey. On the contrary, Kate cannot do these things for a controlling individual like Grey. In the Red Room of Pain, Ana is determined to do everything Grey asks showing her submissive behavior and acceptance. This is an indication that both love and desire drives her considering that she has not signed the contract yet. She had the choice to object to Grey’s commands and demands but she chooses not to exercise her free will. Therefore, it is clear that she wants him to treat her that way as long as he fulfills her desires and spends his time with her, especially by spending the night with her on the same bed.

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