50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 19

It is already dusk when Grey wakes Ana. They must get ready for they will have dinner with Grey’s parents. Ana is reluctant about waking up, but Christian’s threats make her reconsider her desire to stay in bed (James 292). She takes a shower then puts on her clothes. However, she cannot find her panties. She remembers that Grey slipped them into his jeans pocket. Now she knows that he expects her to ask for the panties, and she decides to deny him the pleasure. After getting ready, she goes to the dining room where Grey awaits. He asks to dance with her revealing his skillful dance moves. Taylor drives Grey and Ana to Grey’s home for the dinner. On the way, Ana asks about Grey’s skillful dancing. He affirms her suspicion that Mrs. Robinson taught him (James 294). At that instant, she is jealous and she feels pure hate for Mrs. Robinson despite that they have not met.

 Grace and Mr. Grey welcome Ana and Christian to their beautiful home. Elliot and Kate have already arrived. Mia, Grey’s sister warms up to Ana and is happy that Christian has finally brought the first girl ever for dinner. Mia is warm and jovial thus amusing Ana adversely (James 296). At dinner, Ana talks about her intention of going to Georgia to visit her mother. She realizes that she had not told Christian about the plan, and his anger is evident. Kate takes the opportunity to attack Christian with words, as she even talks about Ana going to the bar with José (James 299). She is seeking to aggravate and make Christian jealous since she thinks that he has commitment issues.

A certain girl who is helping in serving keeps on eyeing Christian during the meal and his acts make Ana jealous. Later, Grey offers to give Ana a tour of the grounds. Therefore, they excuse themselves and leave the house. While outside, Grey picks Ana and carries her heading to the Boathouse from where he intends to spank and fuck her.


The activities of the Red Room of Pain left Ana tired. She is still unable to wake up even after sleeping for some hours. This moment foreshadows the life and experience she will have after signing the contract. On the other hand, Christian intends to take Ana to meet his parents. This is an indication that he may offer her more than just a chance for her to be his submissive. It also upholds his respect for Grace, his mother. He continues to reveal other things about him to Ana by dancing with her. Clearly, he is more comfortable with her and he seeks to spice up their relationship. In addition, hiding her panties is a way of being playful and funny, an indication that he is happy around her.

The jealous exhibited by Ana shows that her attraction and love for Christian is widening, and she has no desire of sharing him with anyone including those from the past such as Mrs. Robinson. Additionally, she is worried about her inexperience since she cannot teach Christian any new skill. This inadequacy worries her since she needs to have a future with Christian, and she is not sure how she will manage to make one. The efforts showed by Kate in spiting Christian come from a pure place of her desire to help Ana win Christian’s commitment. However, her words seem to worsen the situation since Ana has never talked to her honestly regarding the situation she faces. Lastly, Christian’s intention to punish Ana show that he is deeply annoyed and angered, and the punishment is a way of ensuring his dominance over her.

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