50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 20

Grey carries Ana into the Boathouse and up into the attic. He sets her on the wooden floor. There, Ana pleads with Grey asking him not to spank her. Her words seem to affect Grey by taking him in surprise. She bravely moves forward to him and starts kissing him. He gives in to her intimacy for a while but pulls away immediately (James 306). He says that he will fuck her for his own pleasure, not Ana’s. Ideally, she is not to come even if the desire overwhelms her. Grey gets inside her and thrusts himself into her until he releases. He then removes his thing out of her, leaving her wanting and hungry for more. He sees this as a fair punishment for Ana failing to tell him about Georgia, going to the bar with José, and tightening her things when Grey tried to touch her while at the dinner table (James (James 306). After that, Christian gives Ana her panties back and allows her to put them on.

Mia interrupts Grey and Ana when she comes to inform them that Elliot and Kate are leaving. Grey also says that they should leave too and thus they bid their goodbyes to the family. Taylor has been waiting for them the whole time and drives them back to Grey’s house. On the way, Ana tells Grey that she was only thinking about going to Georgia and had not yet made up her mind. She says that she will sign the contract before leaving, but Grey thinks that she should think about it first while at Georgia (James 311). He also wants to join her on the visit but Ana thinks that it is not a good idea. At home, Ana wants Grey to make love to her, but he ends up using some strange shiny balls on her. The balls bring a strange but pleasurable feeling to Ana, and as Grey spanks her it does not hurt that much. They then have sex and as promised, Grey opens up a little bit about his fucked-up past. He says that his mother was a crack-whore, and she died when he was four years old. This revelation leaves Ana thinking hard about the small troubled Grey.


Despite his fury, Grey decides to avoid spanking Ana upon her request. Even as he spanks her later that evening, he intends to pleasure himself and Ana at the same time. It is thus clear that Grey has developed a soft spot for Ana, a drastic change from his former self, the domineering Grey. However, he does not let Ana come after having intercourse with her since he cannot fully escape from his nature. All the same, he is getting better at showing affection and love since he met Ana. He also supports Ana into taking a break and even offers to accompany Ana to see her mother. His actions and words indicate a possible future for the two lovebirds, a future that has love and normality just as normal people do. In addition, Grey is reluctantly willing to open up about his past regardless of the immense disappointments and hardships he endured. This shows his affection for Ana, and a need to talk about the issues without rush.

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