50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 21

Ana wakes up into the brightly lit room from the light coming through the massive window. Christian is not beside her and she wonders trying to find him. He is not in the kitchen. Instead, Mrs. Jones is busy cleaning the kitchen area (James 323). She greats Ana and informs her that Grey is in the study room. The mere appearance of Mrs. Jones makes Ana think that she may have been Grey’s former-submissive. She shuns the thought away and goes into the study to see Grey. There, they get intimate after which Grey starts acting weird (James 325). Ana leaves him there and hits the shower thereafter having breakfast with him. During breakfast, they chat on various issues and Ana promises to think about the arrangement while in Georgia. She admits that she will miss Grey who in turn says that he will miss her more than she can think.

Later that day, Ana goes for two interviews for internship placement. She prefers to work at Seattle Independent Publishing since she will have a chance to grow in the firm. Even the interview at SIP seems exciting and promising (James 331). Kate drives Ana to the airport after they have a Chinese takeout together. They say their goodbyes as each wishes the other a good time while away. Ana will be in Georgia while Kate is going for a family vacation in Barbados. At the check-in point, Ana realizes that Grey has already upgraded her ticket to first class and she says to herself that Christian cannot just leave well enough alone.


The room is bright as Ana wakes up. This brightness foreshadows her day as it unfolds to be a good one. Normally, whenever she sleeps with Grey she never wakes up alone in the morning. However, on this day, Grey has already left the room and Ana seems to miss him deeply. For this reason, she goes in search of him. She is only dressed in his t-shirt and this does not worry her. She even allows him to have sexual intercourse while in the study showing her desire and need of being under his control. The author is trying to show the reader how Ana values the attention she receives from Grey, and that she is willing to put the needed effort to always tame him under her spell.

L. James also portrays Ana as a smart and thoughtful girl considering that she prefers to work at SIP as compared to other publishing firms. Ideally, Ana seems to think of the future, and she works hard in efforts of ensuring that it will be in her terms. Even when asked where she sees herself in five years, her mind is thinking of Grey and that he will still be in her life, as a lover. Besides, the actions of Jack Hyde during the interview and those of Kate seem to remind Ana of Grey, and this relates to her leaving for Georgia. It is already clear that she will miss him a lot although she does not realize it now. Additionally, Grey’s decision to upgrade Ana’s flight tickets portrays his desire to offer Ana the best in life, considering that he had offered her his private jet.

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