50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 22

First class is a completely new experience for Ana. In the first class lounge, she receives a manicure, a back massage and drinks two glasses of champagne. The experience makes her feel good to a point of wanting to forgive Christian for his behavior of not leaving her alone. She emails Grey wondering how he knew her plane. She also talks about the amazing features of the first class putting more stress on the massage (James 341). Grey wants to know the person who gave Ana the massage and she decides to threaten him by talking about Jean-Paul. She later tells Grey that Jean-Paul is gay. Grey attacks Ana back by saying that next time she will travel as cargo, bound and gagged in a crate. Ana cannot comprehend whether Grey is serious or trying to make a joke. The plane talks off and in Atlanta, Ana is able to email Grey informing him of her fears and thoughts in a rather long email that she ends after they are called to board the plane (James 344).

The plane lands at Savannah International where Ana’s mom and Bob are waiting. Ana cries soon after meeting her mother, and she claims that it is because she had missed her. The weather is rather hot here as compared to Seattle. Therefore, Ana prefers going to the beach rather than sleeping. Her mother asks about Ana’s boyfriend and she describes Grey as beyond handsome, too wealthy, very complicated and mercurial. Her mother says that men are simple and should be taken literally for what they say (James 347). She also talks about Ana’s real father as a point of reference. Back at home, Ana finds that Grey has replied in a longer email than the one she wrote. She interprets his words literally just as advised by her mother.

Grey goes for a dinner with an old friend and Ana suspects that it is evil Mrs. Robinson. Her hate for her intensifies as she wonders how the woman ruined and molested teenage Christian. Later, Christian confirms that indeed it was Mrs. Robinson he had dinner with, and his words affect Ana negatively (James 359). As her mother orders another drink at a bar, Grey emails asking the number of cosmopolitans Ana is going to have. His statement immediately makes her think that Christian is around her, and it frightens her.


Despite her hate for Christian’s decision to interfere with her choices, Ana finds first class to be relaxing and worth the change. She is appreciative of Grey’s efforts of making her life better in different ways. Nonetheless, she still decides to play with his moods by holding back some information about the massage she had in the first class lounge. Ideally, she intends to feel a normality in her relationship with Christian since it is more formal than friendly. Her long email while at Atlanta gives Grey insights on Ana’s fears while around him. This is because she is able to talk her mind from a distant location but swallows her thoughts whenever around him.

The author talks about Ana crying after she sees her mother to confirm that Ana has missed that motherly love, and love in general. The thing she shares with Grey is only an arrangement and does not have a promising future. However, Ana is sure about her mother’s love, and deep within she wishes it were the same with Grey.

Mrs. Robinson seems to be an evil being according to Ana. In her opinion, Ana thinks that Mrs. Robinson messed with Grey’s past and made him the way he is today. Additionally, the thought of Grey meeting this ‘evil’ is unraveling since she is not sure whether Mrs. Robinson still has control over Christian. Therefore, she is worried that she might lose him if he continues to connect with Mrs. Robinson.

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