50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 23

Ana is looking around but she cannot see Christian. Her mother comes and notes her behavior, and Ana says that Christian is around thus making her mother to start looking around too. Finally, Ana sees Grey as he is approaching (James 363). She is both happy and mad to see him considering that he had dinner with Mrs. Robinson and he flew here to see her. To her surprise, Grey already knows her mother as Mrs. Adams. However, Ana’s mother seems taken by Christian’s appearance and she cannot stop staring at him. She even says that he can call her Carla. Grey says that he is staying in the hotel since he is around for business. After a drink, he states his room number as he intends to pay for all the drinks (James 368).

Christian leaves Ana and her mother at the bar. Immediately, Ana’s mother knows that there is tension between her daughter and Christian. However, she is sure that Grey is in love with Ana, especially after assessing his actions. Therefore, she thinks that Ana should talk to him since she cannot solve the problem by just staying away from him. This makes Ana go to Christian’s hotel room, but her major intention is to get an answer on whether he loves Mrs. Robinson (James 370). Christian is on a call when Ana arrives but he continues talking. After that, he answers some of Ana’s questions before beginning his sexual predatory moves. He leads her into the bathroom and asks about her menstruation. She says that she is bleeding and this does not stop him. She also affirms that she took the mini pill, and they have sex without using a condom for the first time ever.

Ana sees the scars in Grey’s chest and remembers that he has never suffered from chicken pox. She immediately concludes that they are cigarette burns and jumps to the conclusion that Mrs. Robinson did it while molesting Christian. She then tries to ask him but she does to see Mrs. Robinson as an evil. Instead, he says that she is an old friend and a business partner, the person who saved him from the wrong path (James 375). They enter the bath and have sex again with Ana on top this time. They go to the super king bed and stare at each other without touching. After exchanging some words, Christian says that they should sleep and he switches the lights off and Ana is sure that she has never been this happy.


The thought that Christian is around watching makes Ana jumpy and confused. Surprisingly, he flew all those miles to see her, and he already knows where she is having drinks. Although his behavior seems similar to that of a stalker, it is clear that he does all this to please Ana, and most important to be close to her. Christian is always charming and he affects Ana’s mother too. Her actions after his arrival indicate that she likes him, and the author proves this by touching on Carla’s efforts to make her daughter talk to Christian.

Ana still holds her suspicions and hate for Mrs. Robinson. Ideally, Ana is a judging individual especially when it comes to those around Christian. She goes to his room hoping to get some answers. Her curiosity often guides her and Grey’s affection makes him open up although at a slow rate. The two still have sex despite Ana’s condition of bleeding. This shows that both of them are very active sexually, and they had missed each other deeply. Besides, Grey defends Mrs. Robinson since their sexual relations ceased long ago and most important she saved him from ending up just like his birth mother. His explanation aims at answering Ana curiosity while affirming her that he is not moving away from her.

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