50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 24

Christian had promised a surprise Ana and he wakes her up early in the morning. She is hesitant to wake up but he makes her wake. She prepares briefly and takes tea since it is early for her to have breakfast (James 386). They then get into a sports car and Christian drives fast. He seems happy despite his unwillingness to tell Ana the surprise. He is following the GPS and they park outside Brunswick Soaring Association. There and then, Ana knows that they are going gliding and she is merrily happy. Taylor is at the airfield and Ana seems astonished by his presence. They climb into the plane and Ana gets an experience of a lifetime. After soaring and gliding, they leave the airfield and go to International House of Pancakes where they have breakfast (James 399). Christian then drives Ana home even without asking for directions.

At home, Ana’s mother is busy trying to find a suitable meal since she already invited Christian for dinner. She is relieved that Ana talked to Christian over their issues. She settles for a gazpacho soup and a barbecue with steaks marinated in olive oil, garlic, and lemon (James 405). Besides, Grey claims that Ana talks in her sleep and she already said something that he is not willing to tell her. This leaves Ana curious and she decides to stay quiet until he tells her. She and her mother go to the supermarket to shop for the essentials needed for the dinner preparation. Ana receives a call from Elizabeth Morgan from SIP saying that they are offering her a job (James 405). She is happy and so is her mom. She then realizes a missed call from Christian and she calls him back immediately. Unfortunately, a situation has come up and he has to return to Seattle. He needs her to apologize to her mother since he will not make it to dinner.

Later that evening, Ana emails Christian asking about his arrival. He arrived safely and he is sorry for not informing her. He is also happy that she cares for him. Ana asks to know what she said while asleep. In turn, Grey says that he would rather hear her say what she uttered in her sleep when she is conscious (James 411). His statement makes her sure of the words, and she had not intended to say them to him yet.


Initially, Grey had promised to lavish Ana in all the best ways he knows. Therefore, he decides to surprise her by taking her gliding. Sure enough, his gesture impresses Ana and she is happy that he doing the ‘more’ he promised to try. She also wants to treat him by paying for breakfast at the International House of Pancakes although he declines her offer. Through Ana’s gesture, the author puts it clear that love is about making effort from both the involved parties regardless of their strengths. Apart from that, Grey drives Ana to her doorstep without asking for the address. This shows that he has already done his homework in finding all the information about Ana, an indication that he is into her more than he claims.

Ana’s mother is also warm to Christians and she shows this by her decision to make a great meal for the planned dinner. She is also happy that her daughter gets a job. The author shows that Carla is an understanding woman after Christian cancel dinner. Instead of frowning, she finds another reason for celebrating since Ana has a new job now. Ana also shows her concern as she seeks to know the safety of Grey. Her fears come true after she finds that she may have admitted her love for Christian in her sleep. This is because she is not ready to profess her love to him since she is afraid of how he may react. Nonetheless, the author writes with a promising future since Christian seems in need of hearing the words from Ana in her consciousness.

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