50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 25

Ana is at the airport leaving for Seattle. Her mother and Bob have accompanied her to give their goodbyes. Before Ana leaves, her mother gives her wise advice about life and the issues surrounding love. They hug tightly and Carla promises to visit Ana in Seattle. Tears break through their cheeks but Ana has to go (James 412). She is traveling in first class all thanks to Christian. While on the plane, she thinks about her mother’s unconditional love. Her thoughts make her wonder whether Christian knows anything about love considering he did not have it as a child. She is already missing him thus her decision to email. In the email, Ana informs Grey about seeing him later that evening, and she still needs to know what she said in her sleep (James 414). In addition, Ana is still worried about Grey and the situation he talked about before leaving Savannah.

On arrival in Sea-Tac arrivals terminal, Taylor has come to pick up Ana. He talks about Grey being preoccupied and all Ana can think of is the ‘situation.’ They pull up at Greys residence and Ana thanks Taylor for meeting her (James 418). She heads to see Grey and as expected, he is missing her intensely. He is happy to see her and he immediately asks to have a shower with her. At the bathroom, Christian has intercourse with Ana before and during the shower. Ana manages to talk about José’s photography show and asks Grey if he would go with her. He accepts and claims that they will use Charlie Tango, the helicopter (James 422). The response relieves Ana, and even Christian notes the change in Ana’s body activity.

They eat at the breakfast bar later and Grey claims that he has plans for Ana that evening. He needs her to be waiting for him in the playroom in fifteen minutes. In the Red Room of Pain, Christians opt to try a new thing on Ana and it involves her not seeing or hearing him. His plan makes Ana happy and she ends up satisfied and calm. After that, Christian reveals Ana’s words in her sleep saying that she talked about cages and strawberries, wanting more and missing him (James 430). Her reaction leaves him confused, as she seems calm since she had thought about something else. This makes him curious and he says he will find out her thoughts.


Ana is leaving home again for Seattle and the change is making her nervous. She weeps as she says her goodbyes to her mother since she clearly knows that she will miss her unconditional love, and Christian may not give her the love she needs. Nonetheless, she emails Grey before the plane talks off as a sign that she cannot stand being away from him. She is also eager to see him again, hoping that he has worked out the ‘situation’ so that she may get an undivided attention from him. In addition, she is nervous whenever she thinks of how he will react upon her arrival. Ideally, the author is telling the readers that Ana believes her arrangement with Grey will work out well, and she will manage to bring him into the light. On the other hand, the formality shown by Taylor is an indication that he likes being official, and he cannot defy his boss by talking about unnecessary issues with Ana.

Besides, Christian’s reaction when Ana arrives clearly show that he missed her and was thinking a lot about her. Apart from that, he is eager to get her naked since he still sees her as a source of his pleasure and amusement. He also tries new things while in the playroom with the aim of spicing their sessions for both of his and Ana’s satisfaction. He also tells her the words she said while in sleep to show that he wants to be open with her, and he expects the same from her, especially as a submissive.

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