50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 4

Ana is still in Grey’s arms and she waits for the kiss. However, Christian finds his voice and tells her that he is not the man for her. These words sink deep into her and she is suddenly frustrated. She just cannot understand his reasons for saying that. She walks away from him deeply offended and ashamed of herself. She cries at the parking lot but feels baffled by her behavior. She finally gets home and Kate realizes she has been crying. She is concerned and Ana hides the truth by blaming her sobs on the cyclist who almost hit her.

Ana and Kate do their final exams and are happy about finishing their education career. They plan to celebrate their accomplishment at a certain bar and Kate seems worried about what she will wear. On reaching the house, they find out that Christian has sent several books to Ana, and they all seem too expensive. Ana claims that she will return them back to him with an encrypted message just as he did to her. At the bar, they have several drinks with friends, and Ana is easily losing herself in the alcohol. She calls Grey who sounds concerned about her whereabouts. However, she cannot tell him and she only seeks to know his reasons for sending the books.

Grey shows up at a moment when José is trying to force a kiss on Ana. He successfully intimidates José who now has no other choice but to let Ana go. Suddenly, Ana starts vomiting and Grey jumps in to help her (James 50). He wants to take her home but she cannot leave without talking to Kate. They go back into the bar and Kate is in the arms of Elliot, Grey’s brother. Kate seems so into Elliot and Ana fears where their adventure will lead. She leaves with Grey but passes out even before they reach far.


Greys keeps it simple by saying that he is not the girlfriend type, as a way of showing Ana that he does not like romantic commitments. Unfortunately, she fails to understand his statement and she sinks desperately after he says that he is not the man for her. Ideally, she sees it as a rejection, and her strong attraction and liking for Grey made her miss his point of avoiding commitments. Here, the author shows the reader how Ana is taken by Grey, and his mere presence makes her miss details that she would not miss in another situation.

Managing to finish the exam in time shows that Ana managed to distract herself from thinking about Grey. However, she cannot let go of the tension between them and she calls him in the middle of the night. Her reasons for calling are absurd as it is clear that she wants him. On the other hand, coming to the bar shows Christian’s care and concern for Ana. Ideally, he would have ignored her call but instead, he came to the rescue despite her decision to withhold her exact location. In addition, domineering over her shows his controlling personality, and she lets him command her around since her feelings still hold strong deep with her heart and body.

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