50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 5

Ana wakes up in Grey’s room at Heathman Hotel. She does not know how she got here. She blames her uncontrolled drinking for the calling, vomiting and waking up here. Grey undressed her from the jeans and socks. She feels ashamed and wonders if anything happened between them. Grey interjects by claiming that he likes his women sentient and receptive. This statement shows her that he is neither gay nor celibate. However, she still has numerous question to ask him. He goes into the bathroom and takes a shower. She too enters the bathroom and for the first time in her life, she wishes to be in the bathroom with a man. She fantasizes about Grey as she rubs his expensive body wash on her entire body. Her daydream ends as Grey calls her to join him for breakfast. She wears the clothes bought for her by Grey, and she is surprised that they all fit perfectly on her body.

They have breakfast together while discussing various things. Grey says that he would like to bit Ana’s lip and she challenges him into doing it. However, he says that he cannot until he has her written consent allowing him to do so, a statement that perplexes Ana. He asks when she is free so that he can show her what he really means back at Seattle. Her curiosity makes her want to find out the information sooner, and she settles for the same night. Grey arranges for his helicopter to airlift them from Portland to Seattle, and Ana did not expect such an adventure.

After breakfast, Ana looks for the hairdryer and dries her hair. She is ready and Grey already offered to take her home. They leave the hotel room and get into the elevator. The mood becomes intense and suddenly Grey decides to kiss her passionately and she allows him. The kiss makes her feel nice since it occurs to be like no other kiss in her entire life.


Grey’s behavior is admirable, as he never takes advantage of Ana despite taking her to his hotel room drunk. Surprising, Ana feels protected here more than any other place. This shows the extensive trust Ana places on Grey irrespective of the short period since their initial meeting. Grey is also caring and concerned about Ana’s wellbeing, and he buys her new clothes after giving the dirt ones out for laundry. The fact that all her new clothes fit her body perfectly shows that Grey is attentive on every bit about her. Apart from that, ordering different things from the breakfast menu shows that he cares about Ana’s satisfaction. All these points show that he is deeply attracted to her, and his lack of commitment behavior restricts him from allowing her into his heart. The act of accepting to go to Seattle with him to unravel his secret world is an indication that Ana is fully committed to being with Grey regardless of what she finds out about him. In addition, kissing in the elevator affirms Grey’s lack of control over his feelings towards Ana, and her kissing him back shows that she accepts him despite the numerous mysteries.

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