50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 7

The playroom has different tools and toys that seem scary and enticing at the same time. Ana describes them all and she wonders why a man like Grey would have all that stuff. She asks if he lets people use the things on him but he responds that he is the one who does things to women. Ana cannot believe if there are women who would accept such an encounter but Grey acknowledges that many have. She sees him as a sadist but he affirms that he is dominant.

Ana seeks to know the reason why she would accept to do what Grey wants. He claims that the adventures are there for his pleasure, and she would agree to please him. Part of her wants to run but she still wants to please him. Grey also talks about the rules that he follows, and missing a step may lead to the punishment of the submissive. In addition, he is ready to lavish her with clothes and a healthy living for his pleasure. The submissive also has to exercise regularly to maintain a good health.

Grey shows Ana a room where she will be sleeping while at the premises, as he never sleeps with women in the same bed throughout the night. Ana thought that she would end up in Grey’s bed before coming to his house, but she wonders on herself as they make the negotiations. Grey enlists his hard limits and asks her to add whatever she sees fit. However, she has nothing in mind and that is when she reveals to Grey that she is a virgin. This new realization occurs to surprise by Grey, and he seems offended by her not telling him early in advance.


 Ana has finally gotten the chance to explore Grey’s secret world. Her discoveries are not as she thought, and the new realization seems to fascinate her. The author shows Grey’s openness as he explains to Ana everything she enquires about his intentions. It seems that he also prefers being formal, as he talks about contracts, rules, rewards, and punishment. His domineering behavior is profound and he seems to exercise it intensively. He is also caring and careful in his dealings, as he cannot do anything to Ana without her consent. This is a way of reassuring her that she is safe with him, and she need not fear.

Apart from that, his demand to have her do exactly what he wants is an indication of a man who always wants to be in charge. Everything he does aim at maximizing his pleasure and it is clear that something made him this way. Nonetheless, entertaining the idea shows that Ana is willing to explore these new encounters with Grey, as he already means a lot to her. Lastly, getting angry with finding out that she is a virgin indicates that Grey hates it when someone withholds information from him.

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