50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 8

Grey is constantly pacing around the room after finding out that Ana is a virgin. He just cannot believe that she has never slept with a man before. He describes her as beautiful and his compliment makes her jumpy. He also asks about the kiss and she says it was not her first. Ideally, he thinks that he is misleading her by showing her the secrets of his life. He also describes her as inexperienced, and he still offers her a chance to leave. However, her mind is clear about what she wants, and she is not ready to leave.

Following her affirmation, Grey says that they have to rectify her situation. He insists on her consent and she agrees immediately. Furthermore, this is what made her come all this long. To Grey, he is offering an exception for her since he never makes love to anyone. Nonetheless, he considers it a training session and asks her to forget about the rules for that moment. He confesses that he wants her and he started wanting her the day she fell in his office. He asks for her permission so that he can make love to her, and she agrees.

He leads her into his bedroom, and she consciously describes it as it appears. There, Grey employs his experience and makes love to her. Ana loses her virginity to him gladly as he satisfies her erotic desires fully. She falls fast asleep and after a while wakes up to find that Grey is not in the bed anymore. Ana wraps the duvet around her and goes to find Grey when she hears someone playing the piano. Christian is busy playing a sad song, and this shows that he has a sad side. He tells her to go back to bed and together they sleep, Ana embraced in the arms of Grey.


 The fury portrayed by Grey shows his formality in everything he does. He somehow thinks it is a mistake that he introduced Ana into his secret world considering she was inexperienced. This also shows that he is concerned about her, and he does not intend to manipulate her. However, Ana has already made up her mind, and she knows exactly what she is getting herself into by accepting Grey’s proposal. Additionally, it is clear that Grey has a deep affection for her as he makes an exception to make love to her. This is because he acknowledges that he is doing all these exceptions for the first time, and a man of his caliber cannot take such steps without truly caring.

The author continues to explain Grey’s affection for Ana as she writes about the intimacy. It seems that Grey is utterly careful considering that he takes the necessary precautions to ensure that Ana feels safe. The writer also reveals a sad part of Christian through the music he plays on his piano. By mentioning the original composer of the song, Grey shows that the music plays a role in his life, one that he is not yet ready to show Ana.

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