50 Shades of Grey
E. L. James
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 9

The room is bright with light and it coaxes Ana to awake. She thinks that it is a beautiful morning, and she is happy to see that Grey is still asleep. She stays in bed for a while watching him, and the need to go to the bathroom makes her leave the bed. She mistakes the bathroom with Grey’s closet, a room she describes to be as big as her bedroom. She amuses over the numerous clothes owned by Grey. She leaves the closet and finds the bathroom, which is also relatively big. Various thoughts run through her mind while in there, and she realizes that she is hungry. She remembers that she did not text Kate and she goes for her phone. She has three messages from her and she tries to reach out but Kate does not pick up. Therefore, she leaves her a message saying that she is okay.

She then prepares breakfast while dancing to the loud music playing in her iPod through her headphones. She notices that Grey is watching her from the kitchen bar. They have breakfast together and head to the bath. There, they continue their exotic adventures and Ana gives Grey a blowjob. Her tricks amuse him making him declare that she deserves an orgasm. He leads her into his bedroom and binds her wrists with a tie. He kisses her body thoroughly and gently in a way that she loves. They have sex to their climaxes, and both seem satisfied with the intimacy. Grey claims that they are good together and promises to make her discover many other things she never knew they exist if she agrees to his request. He really wants her to belong to him, and he gives her the time to think about it. Voices in the hallway startle them and Grey acclaims that it is his mother.


This chapter marks a brand new day for Ana. She is already a new individual, with new experiences and unexplainable adventures. She is enticingly happy considering the events of the previous night. She is still sore from the activities but that does not limit her happiness. She decides to make breakfast as a way of thanking Grey for his caring behavior. Making the breakfast also shows that she is comfortable here in Grey’s house, and she considers him as part of her life. The events that transpire in the bath are an indication of Ana’s curiosity and eagerness to learn and try new things. Her behavior seems to cloud Grey’s mind considering that he keeps on asking her to accept his proposal. His offer to reward her with an orgasm shows that he is caring and fair. Ideally, he is trying to pay her for giving him a good experience while in the bath. Lastly, the conversation they overhear between Grey’s mother and Taylor clearly shows that Grey likes keeping most of his life as a secret, as his mother cannot believe that he is with someone.

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