A Brief History of Humankind Sapiens
Yuval Noah Harari
Contributed by Tereasa Jacob

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Final project

Intergroup Research and Social Change (300 words)

Write an opinion essay (existentialism, modernism, and/or postmodernism)

M1 discussion communication. 100 words min, answer to two peers

​write a 3 page essay on a cybersecurity related topics

Correlation Versus Causation

Epidemiology of Health and Illness

Module Seven: The Eight-Step Ethical Decision-Making Model and Alternative Models (CORRECTIONS)

Epidemiology of Health and Illness

Political science essay.

Chapter 13

The chapter claims that the universal religion, empires and commerce brought the world together and that is why today the world is global. The cultures that were once small are now larger, because small cultures have coalesced into larger cultures to meet the needs of the global population. Today, the global society has a lot to share together, and that is because of blurred boundaries between nations or independent states.


The chapter argues that the society has organized its cultures to become successful. The author essentially informs the readers that it took the coming together of cultures and people to create the success or wealth that the world boasts of today.

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