A Brief History of Humankind Sapiens
Yuval Noah Harari
Contributed by Tereasa Jacob
Chapter 19

This chapter is debatable in the sense that it raises the question whether people are happy and contented due to agricultural, scientific and industrial revolutions that have happened. However, Prof. Harari claims that since the inception of scientific revolution there has been correlation between power and happiness, and this is to demonstrate that revolutions which happened as indicated in the history made people happy, but in the present this is debatable because in modern age people are still not happy despite the emergence and success of permanency of scientific and industrial revolutions.


From the explanations given by Prof. Harari in this chapter, the success mankind has achieved has brought happiness to human societies. The human society is developed, and better than the pre-agricultural or industrial societies and this perhaps could be the reason human sapiens has been able to live happily.

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