A Higher Loyalty
James Comey
Contributed by Jack Shields
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Chapter 10

The circus surrounding Hillary Clinton’s misuse of confidential government documents thrust Comey into another unwanted controversy. During an electioneering period, most of the high profile cases that the security agencies handle are often examined in the lenses of the outcome of the elections. In 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigations received a referral from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community with regards to alleged misconduct by Hillary Clinton when she was the United States Secretary of State. The allegations indicated that Hillary Clinton had mishandled classified information when she transacted government business on personal email address. The government has secure email addresses that its employees use. As the Secretary of State, Clinton was in charge of a sensitive department and if the allegations were to be proven, she would have betrayed her country and the ramifications of her actions would have been devastating.  While many people viewed the investigations as politically motivated, Comey says, "Under great pressure in all those situations, we had tried to push outside voices aside and to follow the law and the facts. Even in hindsight, I still thought we had done the right thing." The statement indicates that Comey had always believed in doing the right thing even when faced with such divisive circumstances.


The Clinton email saga might as well pass as the most challenging situation in which Comey found himself since he joined the Bureau. While there were political undertones which caused a lot of pressure to the bureau, Comey stood his ground and never looked over his shoulders when handling the investigation. At all stages, Comey insisted that the law had to be allowed to take its natural course in the inquiry. Once more, although Comey became the FBI director during the government formed by the Democrats, he was never going to allow that fact stand on his way of inventions. His commitment to fairness and justice was unwavering.

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