A Higher Loyalty
James Comey
Contributed by Jack Shields
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Chapter 4

Working in the hands of different bosses provides professionals to learn from individuals with different qualities, a situation that leads to one to achieve holistic growth. In 1996, Comey had an opportunity to work as a US assistant Attorney, but this time he was working in Virginia under an inspiring United States Attorney, Helen Fahey. Fahey was an immense source of inspiration top Comey and contributed invaluably to professional development of Comey. Fahey provided Comey with an opportunity to realize his “dreams of energizing it to make bigger contributions in all kinds of areas, especially against violent crime and public corruption.” Unlike Rudy, Fahey was liberal, providing Comey with an opportunity to exercise his independent professional judgments in all situations. It was not long before everyone could see the budding skills of Comey. He had an unmerited understanding of legal issues as well as incredible analytical skills. These skills soon catapulted Comey to be the face of the organization. Provided an opportunity, time and space, Comey left no doubt the he was destined for greater things.


 Mentorship is intertwined with professional development. The nature of mentorship that a professional received reflects on the quality of leadership that they offer. Under Rudy Giuliani, Comey might have picked some poor leadership attributes that could have affected his professional growth. However, in the hands of Fahey, Comey got the most suitable character to steer him to high standards of professionalism and character development. The mentorship that Comey received in the hands of Fahey might have helped him to grow in his career.

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