A Higher Loyalty
James Comey
Contributed by Jack Shields
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Conrad (2018) in a review published by the Guardian rightly says, "Comey's principles are as inflexible as his elongated limbs." There is sufficient evidence to suggest that Comey would not be willing to bend his principles even when the pressure on him may be too much. Lees (2018) describes Comey as an "at heart a Christian moralist" due to his strict position on various issues about his duties. I agree with this assessment that Comey has set a high moral standard that guides him in the execution of his duties. In most of his engagements, he has been brutally honest, even when his job security is at stake.

Brown, D (2018) says that the book is a revelation of government systems that conflict. While there is a unity of purpose that unites all the government branches, there is a need to have the organizations maintain their independence so that they may deliver. In the review, Brown says that Comey demonstrated the right personality that is required to maintain the FBI effective. I agree. Had Comey agreed to the wishes of the president, it would have been difficult to execute the demands of the office. Holan, (2018) in his assessment of the book finds out that it is highly accurate since the events that Comey has narrated are consistent with previous reports, and there is no evidence that he is withholding some information so that he may appear clean. The review says that "Dates check out, titles are accurate, his recounting of events follows widely reported and accepted benchmarks" an indication that the book has tried to be as accurate as possible even on small issues that most people usually experience challenges to address such as dates. Most importantly, the review indicates that the book "is an exploration and exhortation of principles that are universal: truth, integrity, order, and protecting those who are weak or struggling."

Sinker (2018) is less than impressed with the amount of work and the contribution of the book. He says that when Comey set out on writing the book, he was expected to "drop some bombs. Instead, he drops 24 gallons of milk." From the onset, Sinker has got it all wrong. Comey was not going to drop any bombs. Some of the things that he wanted to say were in the public domain. Comey only wanted to make the records straight regarding his tenure as the Director of the FBI and to an extent his integration with the country's criminal justice systems. Graff (2018) is similarly questioning Comey's actions and says, "Comey stops well short of the thorough and full-throated explanation of his actions throughout the 2016 campaign that so many Americans hunger for."

Finally, Kakutani (2018) finds the piece of work that Comey has done in this work to be highly compelling. There is every reason to believe that Comey has a story to tell in this work. The review concurs that Comey made "nonpartisan and well-intentioned efforts to protect the independence of the F.B.I.," and it is this determination that eventually led to his downfall. While some people may question Comey's judgment and actions in some cases, Dodds (2018) finds that there is compelling evidence that he always strived to work top the best interest of the FBI.

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