A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

The book starts with Stephen Dedalus as a very young child.

The storyline is fragmented and this passage is merely an exercise in viewing the...

Chapter 2

The opening of this Chapter provides scenes of Stephen away from the Jesuit Boarding School.

Finally the summer holidays have arrived, which ...

Chapter 3

Being brought up in a God-fearing Roman Catholic home, Stephen will be well aware that his liaison with the prostitute marks the point where he com...

Chapter 4

Stephen immerses himself in the rituals of the Roman Catholic faith. He is resolved to be pious and give his life over to God.  He must purge hims...

Chapter 5

In the Dedalus household, Stephen sorts through the pawn tickets that have in recent weeks provided money in order that the family might buy the es...

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