Animal Farm
George Orwell
Contributed by Sharon Fleming

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George Orwell
Year Published
Perspective and Narrator
In Animal Farm, the primary intention of George Orwell was to satirize equality. Orwell has a created a barnyard where all animals, young and old, live freely without the overbearing hand of their master interfering with them. Major, an old boar in Mr. Jones's farm, stirs revolution among the other animals when he suggests to them to resort to Animalism as a way of agitating and obtaining justice and progress which is elusive in the barnyard. Napoleon, a power-thirsty pig, has seized control of the yard and has resorted to dictatorship in leading the other animals. Napoleon famously declares that "All Animals Are Equal / But Some Are More Equal than others." That marks the beginning of oppression.
About the Title
In Animal Farm, the primary intention of George Orwell was to satirize equality.
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