Animal Farm
George Orwell
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
All the animals assemble to discuss the challenges faced under humans, and decide to revolt.
Chapter 3
The animals have taken over the farm, and complete the harvest.
Chapter 5
Molly goes to Pilkingtons's farm, and Snowball is chased out of the farm.
Chapter 7
Starvation in the farm is critical, and Napoleon summons a meeting where he executes animals.
Chapter 9
Napoleon becomes president, and Boxer is killed. The pigs start behaving like humans, and impose new laws.
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

Mr. Jones, the owner of the Manor Farm, has fallen asleep as a result of his drunkenness. All the animals in the farm, at the invitation of the Old...

Chapter 2

When Old Major dies, the animals gather and plan for the rebellion. The animals have spent most of their days deliberating upon then best approache...

Chapter 3

While it is evident that the animals have had challenges with the farming tools which had been designed to be used by humans, the level of cooperat...

Chapter 4

The summer is already ended, and the news of the rebellion in the Manor farm is spreading very fast. The pigeons that have been released by Napoleo...

Chapter 5

Winter had come, and the animals are at the farms working. However, it has become apparent that Mollie is quickly losing interest working in the fa...

Chapter 6

The following year, all the animals dedicate their energy and time to the building g of the windmill. The process is quite tedious and demands all ...

Chapter 7

The human world is keenly watching the events in the Animal Farm. It appears that the problems are getting worse with each passing day. The starvat...

Chapter 8

Squealer has come up with statistics intended to back up the increase in food production in the farm. In spite of these statements, the events from...

Chapter 9

After the celebrations on the victory over Frederick, the animals embark on the rebuilding of the windmill. As a show of his dedication to the farm...

Chapter 10

As the years pass, the Animal Farm undergoes a lot of changes. Many animals such as Muriel, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher have died. Jones too has ...

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