Animal Farm
George Orwell
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Symbols are objects or figures that artists use to represent an idea.
Animal Farm
At the beginning and the end of the novel, Animal Farm is known as Manor Farm. The Animal Farm represents Russia and the USSR under the rule of the Communist Party. However, the events in the Animal Farm symbolize the events in the human society whether it is communist, capitalist or socialist. The Animal Farm has an internal organizational structure such as the government, the police and even division of labor.
The Barn
The Barn is on the side of the walls. It is where the pigs paint the Seven Commandments and the subsequent revisions of the commandments. The Barn is used as a representation of the collective record or memory system that a group of people may decide to use. It is important to note that the pigs have formed a habit of continually revising the writings on the Barn in a manner that suits their interest and the people have no options but to accept the changes. In the same way, the communists sought to change the various concepts in the society to strengthen their control over the people. Some of the changes that the authorities made were at the core of the existence of the society, thus taking control of all the aspects of the community. As a result, the authorities made sure that the people were wholly dependent on them.
The Windmill
The windmill represents the fact that the people in power use their subject to work hard, but it is then leaders who enjoy the fruits of such hard work. The pigs exploit the energy of Boxer in the construction but later abandon him when he needs medical attention. At the end of the construction of the second windmill, Napoleon gets so much money that he lies on the money as the other animals pass by to marvel at his success. Additionally, the fact that the pigs have convinced the animals that Snowball is responsible for the collapse of the first windmill is an indication of psychological manipulation which characterized the society at the time.
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