Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 1

The book opens with a brief past presentation of Elizabeth Anne Holmes. She is described by the author as being the type of who aimed to become a rich and independent woman. In terms of her family history, she had numerous members who were remarkable business people and who ensured that she will get the right education. Inspired by her father, she studied biotechnology at Stanford, because she saw it as an opportunity to become rich and also to leave a mark on the world. In 2004, after a trip to Asia, she decided to start a company that would focus on developing a device that will be able to process blood samples a lot easier. Shaunak Roy, a Ph.D student and also her professor Robertson joined the board. The name Theranos was chosen because it was a combination of two words meaning therapy and diagnosis. She leveraged her family friends in order to raise money for the TheraPatch which was the microchip she tried to invent and which would be able to analyze blood and offer the patients the results of different parameters.


In the beginning, Elizabeth Holmes is described as being an ambitious girl who always knew what she wanted. Since she was young she knew her goal was to become rich and have an impact on the world without having to rely on someone else. Fortunately, she possessed a strong family background, giving her access to a variety of rich investors who would listen to her plans and pay to make her vision a reality. She is also portrayed as being a very smart and charismatic girl who managed to impress and dazzle her university professors with her combination of knowledge and entrepreneurial finesse, allowing her to sway some of them to join the board of her company.

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