Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 11

This chapter brings the reader back to the previous incident regarding Richard Fuisz and the patent scandal. Elizabeth was still angry and believed that Richard was actually stealing her ideas so in order to deal with this she hired one of the most expensive lawyers to file a lawsuit against Richard. Soon the Fuisz family found out that the entire situation was going to become more aggressive than they expected. Boies, the lawyer, contacted multiple investigators and asked them to follow the Fuisz family wherever they go so they can gather information that might be used in court. Even though the first trials were not favorable for Theranos eventually they managed to get the case in court. In that situation, Richard's only salvation was to find a man named Ian Gibbson, whose names was also on Elizabeth's patent as a co-inventor, and to make him confess that his patent has no relation with the ones of Theranos.


Nothing can stop Elizabeth from achieving her dream but Richard's patent was standing in her way. As we can see, she contacts one of the most expensive lawyers to help her no matter what the cost would be. At the end of the chapter, Richard describes Elizabeth as being a smart woman, but still lacking in the knowledge and expertise required to create such a revolutionary invention. That characterization and realization prompted him investigate more regarding Theranos’ patents, soon finding out that there is another name listed for co-inventor. Now it was obvious that Elizabeth was not able to come up with all those ideas so the only path forward would be to get Gibbson on trial in order to confess that his patent is not related with the ones Elizabeth presented, testimony that would raise major doubts across the corporate and legal landscape of Theranos.

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