Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 14

One day, Elizabeth asked Alan Beam and the other employers to join her for a test with the device. Everyone was curious to see what the results were but the Edison test failed. That was the moment when Alan realized that this device was far from hitting the market. Meanwhile, Elizabeth had a deal with Walgreens to release the device for testing but this was delayed several times. In order to avoid losing their partnership, she eventually accepted the proposal which rose more suspicions for the Theranos employers because they saw that nothing was working. In order to try to manage the situation, they decided to cheat. They opened the ADVIA machine used for blood tests and tried to copy the process in miniature. They even thought of asking for a patent for this even though it was ADVIA's property. After that incident, many people left the company including Anjalia Laghari who was the head of the immunoassay group. She knew that things will turn very bad so she decided to hide on her way out her email to Elizabeth and Sunny in which she stated that she doesn't agree with their work since it has high error rates and it would be illegal to release it at this time.


In this chapter, we see an impatient version of Elizabeth who spent enough years developing the device and now wants to make it available in order to increase her profit. In order to do so, she started cheating by stealing the property of other companies and tried to make sure that no one will find out. Her expectations are still very high because she requested the small amount of blood to be diluted with a saline solution which would increase the error rate. We might even say that she became negligent because of the time pressure. The author also takes time to go further into Sunny's background proving that actually, he had no knowledge in regard to the medical field. During the companies meeting, he used wrong terms to describe different processes and he had no clue what is actually going on inside the Edison device.

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