Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 16

As a result of his grandfather position who was George Shultz, Tyler Shultz managed to get hired at Theranos in the laboratory where he met another fresh graduate named Erika. Together, they tested several times the Edison device to determine the rate of errors. They were surprised to find out that most of the times the device failed to give accurate results.

Soon Tyler found out that Theranos was far from the ideal company he thought they were. He decided to talk about this with his father George because the company asked him to fake the results of the test in order to look like Edison has a low rate of errors. This was considered a fraudulent activity but his father trusted Elizabeth and told him that he he is not experienced enough for such statements and that he should be grateful to work in such a big company. After hearing enough lies, Tyler reached the NY health department where he wrote an anonymous complaint latter. After that, he resigned from his position at Theranos but not before being threatened by Elizabeth that he is on a nondisclosure agreement and that if he tries to hurt her company she will hit back. Soon Erika resigned too after she realized that everything was a scam.


Theranos’ fraudulent activities are discovered by a fresh biology graduate and his working partner. Regardless, Elizabeth and Sunny have everything planned to counter any dissent. Both of them lied in their official statements regarding how much the Edison device could do and what rate of the error it has. Even so, they always covered the mistakes with sophisticated explanations. When Tyler sent a message to Sunny explaining the mistakes he managed to uncover he became angry. He replied with a long message stating that he is not suitable for the position in the laboratory because he lacks experience and that he should avoid doing any further independent experiments other than the one requested by the company. What Sunny was trying to do was to cover the mistake of the company and make sure that no one who works there can share with the world information regarding the failures of the device. Once again, their obsession became even more evident when they continuously checked everyone social pages and emails and ask them to sign non-disclosure agreements when they resign.

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