Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 17

After the trial started, Richard and Joe Fuisz decided to accept David Boies proposal and admit that they did a mistake and the patent does not belong to them. They signed a contract based on which they approve the fact that the patent for the data transmission to the physician is Elizabeth's idea. The reason why they changed their mind was because they saw it was close to impossible to win in front of Boies and there was a chance they would have to pay the legal cost of Theranos too if they fail to win. John Fuisz was the only one to disagree with this and hoped he will be able to take revenge. On the other hand, Elizabeth became an important person in the newspaper. After the article in the Journal, Fortune magazine took her an interview and published her picture on the cover. Soon Forbes and Time magazine joined too and also multiple shows such as TedMed, CNBC, CBS News and CNN. Everyone wanted to get her on their pages and Elizabeth suddenly started embracing the fame she achieved.


This chapter imparts to readers a version of Elizabeth after fame. Carreyrou states that it was odd that she became more interested in holding interviews rather than taking care of the real problems with respect to Theranos. There is a comparison between her and other entrepreneurs and states that neither of them was so involved in the media as she was. She used to wear dark clothes, red lipstick, and black eyeliner and would always underline her fear of needles and how this inspired her to start the project. She also continuously presented the story of her uncle who died of skin cancer but failed to share with the people the fact that she was actually not that close to him. During her speeches, she used touching anecdotes to make people empathize with her. From the outside, it looked like she finally got the attention she desired and managed to lie to dozens of interviewers regarding everyday operations at Theranos.

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