Bad Blood
John Carreyrou


Jack Shields

Chapter 18

As Alan Beam became more suspicious about the companies activities he decided to resign, but not before being asked by Sunny to sign the well-known nondisclosure agreement. He refused to do so but soon Theranos announced him that they were preparing to sue him because of that. After discussing with his lawyer he decided to sign the agreement and delete the 170 messages he sent to his private Gmail that contained confidential information. Overall it seems like Theranos always wins. Even so, after the incident, Alan Beam contacted through LinkedIn Richard Fuisz. They agreed to meet and Alan shared with the other man all the mistakes which were done at Theranos. Finally, Richard had evidence that what he suspected was true. He shared the story with Joe and Phyllis and soon decided it was time to take action.

Meanwhile, a pathologist named Adam Clapper saw the article written in the Fortune magazine and pointed out that many of the so-called techniques presented by Elizabeth were not real. He soon got in touch with Fuisz and together they decided to contact someone from the Wall Street Journal to investigate the situation.


The centerpiece of this chapter relies on the mistakes Theranos did. As Alan shared with Fuisz, these mistakes included lying to the CLYA,  faking results even though the finger stick was not accurate, using the Siemens equipment, several ethical breaches, the thyroid results were almost all false, the potassium level was far from what the normal range  and that pregnancy test usually gave false answers. All of these eventually represented the foundation on what was coming next. Theranos hurt several peoples along the way but now a team made of Alan, Joe, Phyllis, and Clapper were ready to unveil the real story of Theranos.

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