Bad Blood
John Carreyrou


Jack Shields

Chapter 19

The person Adam Clapper contacted was John Carreyrou, a journalist at the Wall Street Journal and also the write of this book. After telling him the story, John confessed that he read the article the Journal posted and found some of the information strange but didn't bother to get into more details. Even so, after hearing the story from Adam and also after getting connections with former Theranos employers he accepted to begin this investigation. He managed to get in touch with some of the people who were previously presented in this book and get statements from them regarding the Theranos activities. Some of them accepted to discuss with him but only off track. He also visited Phoenix where several Theranos devices were tested and after getting the chance to get tested too he soon found out that the values he received were abnormal. He confronted these results with other ones delivered by an approved laboratory and managed to confirm that the so-called Edison device was indeed wrong.


Until now the book focused on presenting the stories of the former employers of Theranos. Starting with chapter XIX, the author starts presenting the steps he had to undergo in order to finally be able to unravel the true face of Theranos. Theranos was seen as a powerful company which always found a way to hide its illegalities. Because of that and the several nondisclosure agreements the employers signed, many of them shared their story anonymously or off track in order to avoid getting sued. The majority of the individuals which were mentioned in this book decided to join Carreyrou in this fight.

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