Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 20

Tyler Shultz is soon accused by Theranos of giving private information to a reporter. It seems like Elizabeth and Sunny found out that there is an investigator who is preparing to write an article about their company. The company wanted Tyler to provide them with the name of all the people who are involved but he refused to give it to them. If he wouldn't do it, Theranos promised they will sue him and bankrupt his entire family. They even hired a private investigator to follow him everywhere. Tyler managed to avoid signing any papers by stating that he needs to discuss with his lawyer. The major problem was that his grandfather was one of the board members and also the former Secretary of State. He wanted to focus on doing the right thing but also to avoid destroying his grandfather's reputations Through this method he only tried to buy time.  Meanwhile, John, the reporter of the Wall Street Journal, managed to arrange a meeting with a Theranos representative at his office.


There is a scene that presents how far Theranos can go to cover their mistakes. When Tyler decides to share with his family a part of the information, they decided that the best way to do would be with the help of two layers who would communicate instead of them sharing information directly. Even so, soon after the lawyer left, the tire of the car was cut and the notes with all the information that was discussed were stolen. There was no direct evidence that Elizabeth and Sunny were involved but Tyler was convinced about this. The fact that they were so interested in convincing Tyler to offer them the name of the other people who were involved only proved that they were close to finding out something that Theranos didn't want to share with the others.

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