Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 21

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss with the Theranos representative and confront them regarding the information they gathered. When the day of the meeting came, four people came to the Journal's office to discuss with Carreyrou.  Every question was marked as not being suitable because they are not allowed to share any of the company's secrets. By the end of the day, John didn't manage to find anything from the representatives. During the upcoming days, Theranos got in touch with several people including the ones who agreed to help with the article. All of them were threatened that if their name appears in the pages they will suffer serious negative consequences. As a result of the pressure, a part of them backed off. One of the victims was Dr. Stewarts, the one that helped him with the blood tests in Phoenix. Even though during their first conversation she said that she won't change her mind, after talking with the people sent by Theranos she decided she no longer wanted her name being associated with the article.


This chapter shows us that the main technique used by the Theranos in order to make sure that no one was going to get involved in the article was based on intimidation. Many of the people, who initially joined the journalist, ultimately changed their mind because they were blackmailed by those people. Some of them went through terrible moments such as Erika who was afraid of going out of the house for the entire weekend because she knew those guys are following her. All these approaches and the fact that the companies representatives refused to answer any question asked by John only proves that Theranos might be far away from the innovative company people thought it was. They blackmailed everyone, from formers employers to doctors and important people, all of this because they wanted their secret to never hit the headlines.

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