Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 22

July 2015 was a great month for Theranos as they were approved by the FDA for their herpes virus finger stick test and also the population was now allowed to ask for blood tests without having a doctor's order. Also when the vice president of the FDA came to visit Theranos laboratory, they created an entirely new laboratory on another floor and asked everyone who worked there to stay at home. What they wanted to achieve was a presentation of a laboratory which is automatic and follows all the rules. They managed to do so and through this, they won the confidence of the FDA's vice president.

Meanwhile, Carreyrou was shocked to see that Elizabeth made it again in the Journal with their Herpes test approval. In order to avoid the spreading of any other false information, he talked with Mike Siconolfi, a senior editor, and decided to prepare the article for publication in less than 2 months.


Theranos was slowly earning the thrust of many investors and big companies. In order for Carreyrou to be able to unveil the scam, he had to hurry. Every new article which brought positive reviews to the company could be used to deny the validity of his upcoming article. Because of that time was an important factor. Meanwhile, things at Theranos were the same. It seemed like their ambition has grown bigger as now they were able to prepare an entirely new lab in just a few days in order to have the FDA by their side. Because Theranos showed the vice president how the laboratory looks and works and because they submitted all their tests to the FDA for regulation, even though they were sending the results given by the machines and not their device, the company thought Theranos was offering full transparency and their work is indeed innovative.

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