Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 23

Even though Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corporation, was one of the investors of Theranos, he stood away from all the arguing. Soon, Carreyrou article was published and it became an important element in this case. Everyone was talking about it and people divided into three categories: those who were against Theranos, those who were in the favor and those who were not familiar with the subject. Soon the FDA conducted a surprise inspection of Theranos and declared their nanotainer as an unreliable medical device, barring its further development and use. Based on this, the Journal managed to feature four more articles regarding the Theranos fraud. Even so, Elizabeth continued declaring that the statements are fake and asked her lawyers to try to take them down even if it means they will have to go on a war with the entire newspaper. John now understood that the only way to end of all this was to get the chief regulator of clinical laboratories to take action against the company.


Elizabeth is now convinced that she is in trouble. She no longer presents herself as that strong woman we saw in the beginning. During one of the meetings with the Journal, she looked different than how the people got used. Her hair was disheveled and instead of wearing the contact lenses she had glasses. She was still determined to take down the Journal but evidences of her scam were starting to flood the other newspapers. This chapter marks the downfall of the company. All those years of fake lies were now starting to hit the surface through John Carreyrou’s hard-hitting articles and exposés.

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