Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 3

Since the beginning, Elizabeth wanted to obtain the heights of success and brand recognition associated with Apple products. Following this philosophy, she hired multiple ex-Apple Inc. employees such as Ana Arriola to help her with the design of the product. Even so, people from the inside commented that the company’s culture started to undergo strange and suspicious shifts during this time period. For example, some employees noted that they were not able to directly connect to the other departments of the company or they had someone monitor their activity on Facebook and also their arriving and leaving time. Furthermore, several employees were getting fired spontaneously and seemingly out of nowhere. Ironically, the innovative device responsible for propelling Theranos into the limelight appeared to continuously fail all standard medical tests. In 2017, Don Lucas, who was the board's chairman, held a meeting where he announced that Elizabeth was planning to create a foundation that would bring the money required to support all the companies activities. When Avie, another one of the board members, declined the initiative, he was asked to leave the leading team. He started researching papers and investigating some internal documents, soon noticing that everything regarding the company’s vision had changed significantly over the course in one year. After all these incidents, Ana also left the company because he felt that something wasn't right.


This chapter marks the first decline of the company. In the beginning, Elizabeth was able to create a powerful team which was composed of many ex-Apple employees. She did this because she thought this would be the easiest way to achieve the success of Apple Inc. Again, we can see that she was indeed a very smart person since she managed to convince so many people that her device was innovative. Even so, soon the employers started noticing that there are secrets behind those closed doors and that things are not exactly how they look. People who worked there started to doubt their boss and the entire board team.

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